Coach Herman's response to latest UT rumors

There you have it!!! They are BOGUS!!!

Joseph Duarte ‏@Joseph_Duarte 7m7 minutes ago
. @UHCougarFB @CoachTomHerman on Texas speculation: ‘I’m done putting out statements to refute bogus information.’

.@CoachTomHerman:"I'm done being the media police-chasing down erroneous reports," in response to rumors Monday on Twitter involving Texas

— Mark Berman (@MarkBermanFox26) October 26, 2016

He gone.

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One thing he said was very interesting to me. He said he had a very honest and open conversation with his players “that stays within our family.” On the CoogsHouse Facebook group earlier this week, some dude posted about a player telling him Herman told the players he was staying. The timing lines up, but not the part about it staying in the family. Not exactly sure what to make of that. While I’m not sure I believe it’s a done deal that he’s staying here, I do feel confident he’s not in serious talks with Texas or any other school at this point.


Well, every family has one person who can’t keep a secret.


Texas isnt going to do ANYTHING till season is over…Saying he isnt in talks with Texas means nothing now…SAY it in December and January, then it means something.


Not sure why he even addresses the rumors anymore. People are going to believe what they want to believe regardless of what they are told or shown. He could sign a 10 year extension today, build a house right across the street from TDECU, get a “UH 4-Life” tattoo and people would still believe any rumor they see on social media.


He could but hasn’t … if one looks at what he has done is refute the claims of the writers who have him gone based on no hard core evidence … which is true … none as yet has surfaced ABOVE THE RADAR.

He hasn’t stated that he is staying put or here for the duration or … as noted signed an extention built a house or gotten a tattoo and basically in my book THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES.

AND if this continues until the season ends then in my sole estimate then yes he is gone … adios … sayonara … bring out the Von Trappe children and sing that so long farewell song.

The horns based on historical evidence DO NOT FIRE their HCs in the middle of the season but for all practically purposes the tuna man is GWTW …

The orangebloods will just have to endure Charlie being on the sidelines for the next five games ineptly bumbling and losing another game … well maybe not Kansas BUT I wouldn’t hold my breath.

As someone has already noted the horns officially will not make a move until they finish playing the frogs on turkey day

And if all continues as it apparently has … it won’t take a Holmes expert to figure out what happens next.

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If he got a UH 4 Life tattoo on national television people would stop making up the rumors.
But that is a bit of an extreme measure.

Ill be honest here. I am growing weary of Herman and his unwillingness to just say look. UH has bent over backwards for me by paying me more than any other football coach at 3 Million. They have also built or are building exactly what I asked for facilities. The alumni have been very gracious and stepped up to the plate. Traveling to Bowl game and buying tickets, donations. But he doesn’t and that really bothers me as and alumni who has given without question for the past 16 years. Tom is an excellent coach there is no doubt but I have to think that there are a few coaches if plugged into would do well here in Houston as well. The Tulsa Coach?

Didn’t Philip Montgomery burn some bridges when he was here with Briles?

No bridges have been burned as much as Art so I am sure our alumni can make an exception.

Different admin but our prez was here …

My choice is controversial but hopefully he has matured under Saban’s tutelage but …

Lane Kiffin would do well here with our surrounding recruiting mecca.

I think he was one of the guys recruiting for Baylor using UH’s phones.

I can get over that. The guy is doing wonders at Tulsa. He would tear it up with the resources here. Another interesting person would be the OC at OSU he has Texas ties as well.

Herman signed a new contract last year, so obviously signing an extension won’t guarantee he’ll stay, just guarantee that if he stays he gets more money. Should he bolt after this year, the fans and admins at wherever he lands will get on board as we have.

If he leaves and we hire another coach, remember that the new coach is leaving someplace to coach here, and we will all get on board with the new coach and believe whatever he says.

The Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata, and all that stuff.

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Program first, coaches second.

Coaches nationwide have seen the rejuvenation at Houston, and they’ve seen what’s possible at Houston.

I hope Herman stays, but if not, I like our chances on getting another good one…Maybe we can go the extra Mile(s)…


As in Les Miles lololol. The problem with Les Miles is that he is the offensive coordinator and the defense coordinator and his offense hasn’t been stellar when he was at L$U

Boosters may be the ones leaking the UT rumors trying to pressure the admin into making a move. Problem is, this admin seems to be resistant if its boosters so I’m not so sure Strong gets fired after the season. Read a report that UT’s donations and season tickets are up considerably this year and Fenves/Perrin don’t seem like the reactionary type. Needless to say, CTH may not want to jump into that mess with an interim AD at the helm. Then again, the shine may be off CTH right now which means the Longhorns may also go in a different direction.

LSU seems to have righted there ship under Orgeron which may mean he gets the job. Orgeron’s a natural for that job and can recruit.

Helton may be saving his job at USC as well as the Trojans actually look pretty good right now.

Brian Kelly at ND has a ridiculous buyout which makes it almost impossible to let him go.

CTH always talks like a man who will be here next year. He always talks about what they need to do in the future and how they need to reevaluate. He also has great input on uniforms, facilities, schedules, etc and has consistently said that he loves the administration and the city.

People are reading way too much into one loss.


I’ve dealt with Mike Perrin on a merger issue around 1999/2000. He doesn’t operate in a vacuum. I expect when Strong gets axed Mike will assemble a search committee and have consensus around a candidate. Not like Steve Patterson who consulted no one and did it all himself.

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