Coach Jennings is a co-DC as well..dont forget

Coach Jennings is a co-dc with a huge record of success and lots of experience…Coach D and him together could be a powerful combination…am anxious to see what our style will be. Applewhite sounds as if he wishes to KEEP the style we have, and he IS the HC…We are going to run the defense he wants…Now we just need to keep getting the kind of players who can help us be successful on that side of the ball.


Thank you!! All of the critics being swayed by Miami U folks, need to calm down!!!


I’ve seen several people post worrying about switching to a 4-3 but everything I’ve read about Mark D is that he runs a two gap 3-4 and occasionally gives 4-3 looks.

Lots of Miami articles on how the 4-3 was a Miami tradition and the players struggled to learn to play in two gap and zone coverage (vs one gap 4-3 and man to man.

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We need to continue to recruit those Stud Linebackers for our Defense.

I think Major wants to keep the defensive scheme that we have…Orlando’s reccomendation of D’Onofrio seems to show that coach D will run similar scheme here…a 3-4…
Sounds like Miami’s players had a lot of problems going from their 4-3 to a 3-4…
Thats a serious fundamental issiue that Coach D wont have here…

I am more worried about the talent Herman left us on D…it simply isnt nearly as good as we are used to the last 2 years…real holes at LB and Corner

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Our six man rotation returns four guys, but only one starter. We have Matt Adams and D’Juan Hines at ILB and OLB respectively. We have our two safeties. That is replacing over half the starters on defense. Agreed… very nervous about our D, and our hire at DC.

Here is the real problem. How do we know if it is D’Onofrio or the changeover if we struggle? We may have to wait till 2018 to know if the hire was a good one or not.

Think you may be right…We desperately need to finish the recruiting season with a flourish and bring in some real help on D…

Good points all around, now it is MAJOR’S time.
Remember, one of the primary reasons that he was hired was due to his local HS ties. We are going to see very quickly how sincere these relationships are. I 100% support our new Coach now local HS Coaches have to “produce” From what we have all heard we should have a fantastic recruiting class. I can’t wait.

Being supported by local HS coaches doesn’t mean they’ll tell their players to go to UH. It simply indicates that UH should have a strong relationship with local coaches, who will support MA as they can and tell their players he is a guy they would feel good about them playing for.

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