Coach No D

(Alfred Matthews) #1

He should have stayed coaching the boys and girls club. His bend and break defense aint working. Its crap!

(Ian Blake) #2

He needs to explain how 8 in coverage cannot stop a freshman q.v. when there is zero running threat.


The first rule of pass defense is rush the passer. Why is number 14 a starter?


All you say is a problem but we’d be up by 2 TDs if our DBs could tackle. Myers did better midway through 2nd Q, but Johnson, Davis, even Egbule, it’s like they’ve never been taught how to break down and/or wrap up.

(Munzell Milluns) #5



Number 14 is getting toasted. I want the kid to succeed but he is not looking someone that is going to get drafted. Hope he can turn it around.

(Drew) #7

Our players are getting toasted because they’re out of position to make plays. I don’t care how good you are you can’t catch up to someone 10 feet off the ball. Also, The lack of pressure on the quarterback is making him look like an all-American. He doesn’t have a lot of mobility to so why not Bri g a coner blitz from a player with speed.


I don’t know what I find more frustrating… lack of tackling or Brady Quin?? :thinking:

(Randy ) #9





He’s a joke, should be fired immediately after this game. We are the better team, the defense is horrible and it’s not talent.

(norb) #12

The wildcat series was what lost this for us. We keep running the same successful offense and we’d had been 2 TDs up. Applewhite can’t seem to pour it on when he needs to.

(Eric) #13

defense is complete garbage and there were zero changes in the second half. we only rushed 4 the entire game and they were able to pick apart our pass defense at will.

this has to change.


Disgusting game. These pinball type games piss me off. Never liked them when original Briles was here, even less now.


I’m officially on board with all the CMD haters. This guy is wasting Ed Oliver’s talent before our very eyes.




GO ahead and give it to Briles. NOBODY will ever hire Opie away from here. They will take Briles.

(Ian Blake) #18

Remember when UConn went to the Fiesta Bowl. Or Hawaii. That is going to be our story because of these coaches. 605 yards so far for the tech qb.


When was the last time we gave up 63 points as a losing team?


SMU? 72 points