Coaches "moving up" and then flopped

I can think of a lot of successful coaches/coordinators who “moved up” and then tanked. Grass ain’t always greener.

Off the top of my head:

Strong to UT
Mackovic to UT
Hawkins to Colorado
Franchione to A&M
Tuberville to Tech/Cincy
RIch Rodriguez to Michigan
Kiffin to USC
Weiss to Notre Dame
John L. Smith to Michigan State
Brady Hoke to Michigan
Tyrone Willingham to Notre Dame
Hal Mumme to Kentucky
Brett Bielema to Arkansas

Y’all feel free to add to the list.

My point is obvious. Herman, never leave a good time.


Good list.

More off the top of my head:

Sarkisian to Washington
Kingsbury to Texas Tech
Golden to Miami
Zorn to Florida
Dimel to Houston
Diaco to UCONN
Edsall to Maryland

That is one heck of a “Bust List”-

It is and it should make a coach really give some thought to changing jobs. Nevertheless these are among the most competitive people in our society and few can say no to what appears to be a golden opportunity. It’s in their blood. There just aren’t many Bill Yeomans or Guy Lewises out there who value the unique opportunity UH presents.


The only problem is that coaches are generally not short on self-confidence and will tend to think they can succeed where others fail. Dangle obscene $$$ in front of them with that type of challenge or “opportunity” and I have to assume it becomes difficult to turn down for an up-and-coming head coach.

I agree with the list and I am sure there are other assistant coaches that could not replicate their success at another school. I am hopeful that Herman is UH’s coach next year but I understand the situation (in general and not pretending to be an insider) and won’t be surprised if he is not.


Good points and we should all appreciate what Tom Herman has done to put UH back on the national map. If he does leave there will be no end to the list of high quality coaches - including some P5 HCs - excited about the prospect of building on Herman’s success.

Boise did not fold after losing not one but 2 very successful HCs. UH is at that point now. No matter what Herman does UH will contine to build its national brand.

One day after fighting the endless insider battles that define UT athletics Herman might even look whistfully at UH’s success and in a fleeting moment wonder “What if…”


Mack Brown told Herman in the past that the grass ain’t always greener, I’ll just leave that there to marinate.

And I can guarantee you if CTH really is considering UT, he’ll be picking Mack Brown’s brain in more depth. UT not only burned that bridge with Mack Brown, but made a public spectacle of torching it and dancing in the ashes. And now they’re doing essentially the same thing to Charlie Strong. The UT administration has no control over the boosters. Heck, Mike Perrin is a booster himself! I’d bet my next paycheck that it was a booster who leaked to Brett McMurphy that Charlie Strong was being fired, which forced Perrin to issue his statement refuting it. CTH seems like he loves his family too much to put them at risk of being treated the way Brown was and Strong currently is being treated. Oh what a glorious day it’s going to be when Herman tells UT, “Thanks, but no thanks.”


The obvious exception to that list is Urban Meyer. Hope Herman isn’t anything like him…

Point is, it’s all a soup sandwich for the fans, and the players who aren’t ever going pro.

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If the money is similar why leave?

Good point about picking Mack’s brain. Also, lets not forget that Applewhite might also have something to say.


Good stuff here.

Kevin Sumlin hasn’t been a flop in College Station at all, but I think his situation is a perfect illustration of “the grass isn’t always greener.” I’ll take being a contender every year in the AAC West over the SEC West.Look at schools like Mississippi State and Ole Miss who have recently had some of their best seasons in school history, yet still play the role of little brother in their division.


That’s my line of thought. Problem is there is a good chance Big 12 is gonna screw us twice in a major way. Coaches are competative to the nth degree and want a shot at the NC. Right now the P5 is in corrupt control and the NCAA their lapdog. So in the G5, there is no realistic way to play for the NC, and you can’t ever lose. It’s corrupt.

Until we can get out of the G5, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t
Get good? Coach get’s poached. Coach not getting poached? Means you are not good team.

I just hope Herman is playing the long game. Money is not gonna be an issue here at UH and you get whatever you want. Go to UT and deal with all the arrogance and moneyed meddling and see what happens.

BTW Houston has shown it will support P5 football. But G5 directional school conference… not so much.

Good list. Wasn’t Tuberville at Auburn. Maybe the only one that didn’t move up, just tanked.

From my recollection, he and the A.D. got crossways. I am too lazy to look up the circumstances.

We should send this list to Herman, in a friendly way somehow.

From your mouth to God’s ears. :wink:

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He also told him that he is king at UH, anywhere else he would be the “next coach”.

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