Coaches on the hot set- 3 in AAC

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(Patrick) #2

I’d be surprised if Tubby gets let go, but you never know.

(Randy Randel) #3

Not this year but they had better be careful of stating with coaches that are not doing a good job in a city that has a NBA team. Just ask UH


I really don’t understand the Memphis Decline. I mean jeez don’t they sell out every home game? I remember hating playing them, now it’s just kind of, well, dull.
Speaking of dull, anybody watching South Florida/UConn? Both teams kinda comatose.

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I see it only if a good veteran coach gets let go in a surprising move.


A few years ago they were averaging 16k, but they’ve been dropping about 2k a year. This year they may average 6-7k

(Brad) #7

I’m surprised Temple isn’t on the list. They think too highly of themselves to be a middle AAC, perineal bubble team.

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(PMM) #9

Simple answer as to what happened to Memphis…the cheating coaches have moved on !!!

(Brad) #10

I don’t recall hearing Kevin Ollie speak, but I like to imagine his speaks like J. B. Smoove.

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That Memphis hoop program was a serious $ generator and the toast of the town. Tons of good local talent.

I see one more year of Tubby. Then they spend big if he is out.

IF UConn & Memphis regroup. SMU gets some depth.
Add UH, Wichita, and Cinn and AAC hoop would be a true force.

(Russel ) #12

I think tubbys a great coach! I think they just have to give a little more time. He’s won everywhere he’s been and he took tech to the tournament his third year before he left. He didn’t inherit the best situation ala Cronin at UC but less extreme.


Correct me if i’m wrong, but Tubby’s been to the sweet 16 more than UH has. No reason to let him go at all, much less after a couple years.

(Terence Greene) #14

UH has 10 Sweet Sixteen Appearances to go along with 19 total NCAA berths. Tubby Smith has 8 Sweet Sixteen Appearances and 17 total NCAA berths. We really fell of the map with only “1” NCAA appearance after 1992!! The truly sad and ironic thing is both Tubby Smith and Nolan Richardson practically begged to coach UH. Each man has a National Title and we are still looking for our first! To think of the NBA talent that has past through Metro Houston’s high schools during that 25 year plus time frame is just ridiculously mind boggling and inexcusable for us to be so dormant during that time!

(LeeH) #15

Ollie’s 2014 was obviously with Calhoun’s players and he cannot do it on his own; UConn needs to move on with someone else while UConn is still a name that is fresh in kids minds of a good basketball school