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Throw some names in a hat, saw there was one guy but now that things are all but official we can talk more about it


Fleck is on to Perdue

Wade Phillips (dreaming a bit)

tyson helton…western ky

Tyson Helton is at USC with his brother. Tony Levine is the asst OC at WKU now and was named a Broyles Award finalist.

Anyone think Major Applewhite would be a good and potentially long term UH HC choice?

No - he is a whorn! Enough said.

I like Orlando for continuity, and Wade for defensive mind, head coaching experience, pro attitude, and Cougar connection. Also likely not to be looking for next job soon. I think we’ve demonstrated that the pendulum has swung so far that competent defense is our winning strategy for the next few years, so I’d like to lean that way.

major probably stays…don’t know if he is eligible to be hired again at ut.
but orlando is the better head coach candidate

I aggressively do not want Orlando. His defense hasn’t impressed me the last 2 years at all. He gets bailed out by the fact that not a lot of QBs can accurately hit the deep ball. Wade Phillips hasn’t coached the college game in decades and I can’t see him getting into the recruiting game now – especially not with any success.

I’d love to see Holgorsen or Leach, but I think both of those are pipe dreams. Leach is almost certainly about to get a big extension and I’m not sold that Holgorsen wants back into Texas badly enough to leave a top-half Big XII job.

I think I agree with the consensus here that Montgomery is our best bet. I don’t think Kiffin would have the pieces to succeed here, but if we’re willing to give him a couple years, he could be great. Unfortunately, he’s also a snake. Fritz is set up to succeed here if we bring him in.

Keep your eye out for Seth Littrell from UNT. He’s turned that team around impressively so far. I also wouldn’t mind if we brought in one of the La. Tech/Southern Miss/etc. coaches.

I think the admin will need to make a splashy hire. Someone to keep momentum going.

For all those thanking Herman, he really didn’t do shit besides line his nest if we return back to obscurity like when Sumlin left.

6th. In the American.

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Art. Briles.

Hell. No. If that happens I’m out.


You don’t like Orlando? All he’s done is better the foundation defensively that Gibbs left. We need a HC who will bring a tough, physical mindset. He’s also got that fiery attitude we need. Talk about a chip on your shoulder. And I’m sure Applewhite stays as OC as he’s not welcome at TU. Now the other assistants I’m not sure of, whether they stay or leave with Judas. But I’m sure whoever we hire as our next HC already has a list of assts he wants to bring in. That should definitely be one of the questions HY asks. We don’t need any more Google searches for assts.

Orlando has said more than one he does NOT want to be HC…NO…we need a guy who is already HC and a winner…Montgomery, Dana H, Leach, Babers…

Orlando and Applewhite both asked to be considered for the head position.

Why has no one mentioned les miles? Is he off the table for some reason? What would y’all think of him? He did a great job at LSU and seemed like his relationship with his players was really strong.

Yes, I was thinking the exact same thing: why not consider Les Miles? I mean, if we were going to up CTH’s salary by an additional 7 figures or more, why not spend the same or more on someone who won a national championship?

Agreed. If Art is hired, I will stop giving to CP and not renew tickets.


I would love Les Miles…

I’m all in for les miles. We wouldn’t have to worry about him using us as a stepping stone to his next job. Orlando and Applewhite will follow their leader to Austin. Miles has a winning pedigree and he can compete in the recruiting war with Herman here in Houston and throughout Texas. Who would be the OC and DC? How about Charlie Strong as the DC?

Orlando should get it.
I mentioned this a few minutes ago but why the hell not? Orlando head Coach. At least he can stop an offense. Mr. Jenkins and Phillips for our offense. Call it “Back to the future” At least they won’t leave us.
Let’s light it up. I am sure David Klingler would love to join this Team.

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