Coaching or execution?

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This of course is not scientific and probably overly simplistic, but am wondering where folks feel the majority of the problems are coming from.

  • Not on the coaching, players not executing
  • Coaching is not what it needs to be

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Coaches need to prepare players to execute. They’re not mutually exclusive.

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True… I am seeing though in some that “it’s not the coaches who drop passes”… Maybe i needed to word it differently…

I like what Mike Leach says: “You’re either coaching it, or letting it happen”.

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If it’s the same players making the same mistakes over and over, like throwing into double coverage, holding the ball wrong and getting stripped, diving into the ball carriers legs without trying to wrap up or biting on the QBs pump fake, then it’s on the coaches. If it’s individual players making mistakes that they haven’t made before, then it’s the players failing to execute.


It’s not an either/or. If your team can’t execute the plays you’re calling, you’re calling the wrong plays. That said, it does seem like our team is oftentimes failing to execute even the simplest plays.


I know we have a bunch of Herman haters but I appreciated his motivation and drive in squeezing every last ounce of energy and hunger from his teams and mobilization of the fan base.

“You’re the BEST trained outfit in America. In America!”

"You have the tools! You have the training! Now it’s time to use it. "

Bottom line- this is coach speak and it may not matter by itself. It has to be backed up with good solid coaching. But the kids need something to believe in and a cause- “Love” is what Herman called it. I just don’t see that our current staff is providing neither good coaching or a common cause and a reason to go out there and give your best effort.

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I blame that cougar decal. We have never won a game with that silly decal.

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The fact of the matter is that this team dies not play with good fundamentals and is extremely undisciplined. Errors in execution and penalties illustrate that in every game. I commented to our group at the half this week that we only had 1 penalty. That was so damn encouraging to me. Then we went into what has unfortunately become our typical 2nd half. What I find even more discouraging, is that it appears there is little consequence to stupid penalties that come from undisciplined behavior. I am an old guy. All my life, as a player, parent and fan, football was a sport that taught the value of teamwork and discipline There were consequences to undisciplined behavior letting down the team.


Most definitely…it’s coaching.

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Our HC mentioned placement numerous times. He mentioned it again in his last presser. I keep pointed it out because it is so glaring.
As we all know a LT, RG, any player out of alignment spells major troubles. It is the difference between getting our QB blown to smithereens or running for his life, opening a hole for your RB, running the right route etc.etc.etc. By the way it is also true on defense.
When do you work on placement?
Weekly pratice
Who is responsible for practicing?
Who is the Coach?
Who should get the blame?
These are elementary parts for any Team. It is true in HS, College and in the pros.
These traits point to a lack of attention to details.
So we lack discipline?
Who is at the helm?
Did I answer your question?
This has to change this week. Our next game against USF will be fascinating on how the entire program respond. There are plenty of Teams that are mediocre but are sound. These Teams will win games because of being sound.


This reminds me of a reporter asking John McKay of Tampa Bay what he thought of his team’s execution, and he replied “I’m all for it.”

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That’s the truth!