Coaching Staff Question

(Dustin K) #1

Did we drop someone other than our OC that made room for our Briles/Clemens hire or is Clemens the 10th coach? I thought this deserved a different thread.

(Robert Swearengin) #2

The OL coach is gone. Replaced by Clements.

(Patrick) #3

Yep, Scelfo was let go.

10th coach will be named next week. Rumor I’m hearing is that it will be another DB coach.


I thought we dumped our current DB coach in Clay Jennings?

(VancouverCOOG) #5

How about replacing the current WR coach?

(Patrick) #6

Jennings is still on staff as far as I know. I’d be surprised if he was let go as I believe that he and CMA or close.

(Patrick) #7

Guiton is considered a guy with a bright future. Doubt they’ll get rid of him, especially when he wasn’t with the team in the spring.

(Bryant Hargrave) #8

Isn’t Vincent Marshall here or is he GA/QC guy for now?

(Patrick) #9

He’s on staff as a Recruiting Football Analyst.


Guiton is here to stay.
I don’t believe Jennings will be back. Maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen him around lately…
We will also need to hire the 10th assistant.


Not saying the oline coach was good or bad, but there seems to be a new oline coach every year. How does the oline ever get better if they are always learning new techniques or schemes or whatever.

I wish the oline luck, because bb tend to eat them alive.

(Chris) #12

Its a really good question rich2351
You evaluate your players. How fundamentally sound are they? How well do their understand the offense, their own role/position? Find their strengths and weaknesses. What worked and did not. Find out tendencies. You start by establishing a base/foundation that you can build on. Adapt your offense accordingly. Re-evaluate our conditioning/diet program. How much heart and desire do we have? How did we communicate? You will be amazed how bad Coaches can communicate. You don’t have to be Mr. nice guy or a pompous ass. You have to instill a sense of owning your own destiny in order to help your team mates. A Team is as big as the Everest but can be as small as a puff of smoke. All these are cliches but cliches win Championships. Ask Bill Walsh (can’t) Belichick or Saban. Game after game we made fundamentals mistakes that are not acceptable at this level.


Randy Clements is a tremendous upgrade as OL coach. Not even close.


Thank God. The amount of second level blocks was both concerning and minimal. Running a power spread without the ability to teach our linemen combo blocks is just inviting opposing linebackers to plug gaps.

(John Simpson) #15

I’m not qualified to call Scelfo a good or bad coach, but just recalling CMA’s hiring process last year, didn’t end up being CMA’s third option?

(Randy ) #16

You can say the same thing about OC. Briles will be our 7th OC in 7 years.


Yep. We originally hired the O-Line coach from USF and he was going to be the running game coordinator but then a couple weeks after we hired him, he left us for Indiana. Sceflo I believe was the only option available at the time. He tried…he really did.

(Mark Jacob) #18

What is the over/under that Briles is terminated for cause before the first game of 2018? Seems almost certain “if” the lawsuits proceed this summer he will be implicated by some recruits/victims saying he was involved “in court.” As OC at Baylor it seems incredible he couldn’t have known about this. That would lead to OC #8 in 7 years and definitely be a torpedo at the start of our 2018 season.

(Sam) #19

I also remember that AJ Ricker, who is from Klein and had been OL coach at Missouri and Illinois, had HTown Takeover images all over his Twitter page and was following UH recruits before we hired the USF guy. May have been a snag but could have been Applewhite getting peeved that Ricker was essentially announcing he was hired before he was officially hired. Dunno.

(Randy ) #20

The AJ Ricker thing was weird. I think Football Scoop was reporting he was on the staff at some point too. He ended up an offensive analyst at Oklahoma State.