Colin Wilder Leaving


Wow! I did not see this coming. Now I really hope Deontay gets that waiver. Best of luck to this young man. He was a great ambassador for the program and I hope he lands on his feet soon.

(jimmyschofield) #2

Wow. Wasn’t there an article a few years back on how much he dreamed of representing his city? Guess playing time trumped that. Smh

(Cristian) #3

Dang man, something happened internally no way this dude was leaving because of playing time. He was a good ambassador and ill always remember that interview he gave about him falling in love with the school

(gpropes) #4

Erm, what the hell? Especially considering his outspoken love for the school and program, this is a bad sign.


He never did get the playing time I expected him to get at safety. He ended up being more of a special teams player and I’m sure his aspirations weren’t satisfied with that level of experience. I hope this isn’t a sign of a deteriorating locker room and just a kid who wants more playing time. Best of luck to him.

(itcoog) #6

I don’t like this at all.

(Brad) #7

That is disappointing

(jimmyschofield) #8

He didn’t get playing time this past season because of injury. Before that he may have played. Who knows how much though. But this isn’t good.

(Alfred Matthews) #9

the hell?


I hope it’s not family related.


wouldn’t think so… he would want to stay closer to home… only thing closer is UH Cinco Ranch lol

(Patrick) #12

Got a feeling he ends up in Austin




I hope he didn’t get hurt again, and coaches pushed him out the door because of that.

(Ricardo Montano) #14

Maybe Texas Tech? He was originally committed there and his brother is also a Tech student.


Flabbergasted at this one. He was so gung ho UH.


I guess I’m harsh but I didn’t see much in his on field playing time

(br5exg) #17

Man, this is disappointing. This makes Anderson’s NCAA waiver even more important.

(Patrick) #18

Maybe. He’ll have to sit out this coming year so he can pick what he feels is the right situation. Also allows him to rehab more and get in better condition. He’ll likely get a medical redshirt for last year and will have three years left wherever he goes.

Strange situation, though.

(Patrick) #19

One other thing, the Coogs have good depth at safety even if Anderson doesn’t get cleared. The transfer from Mesa CC, Gleson Spreewell, should be in the mix and the freshman that arrived early, Garrison Vaughn, seems to be a player.

Probably one of the positions that have the least questions on the squad along with DL.


Yea there is no lack of depth. I think people are attached becuase we never get Katy guys