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I’ll use this thread to update with the latest commits.

Class of 2019 commits

G Caleb Mills - 6’3", Asheville, NC

F J’Wan Roberts - 6’7", Killeen Shoemaker

2019 offers thread

2020 offers thread

2021 offers thread

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We need to start getting a commitment or two by early signing period.


@pray10 @pesik how we’re looking with LJ Cryer the number #1 player in the Houston area by far in 2020 class…


way too early to tell…i know we are working him hard along with every major houston recruit in 2020. 2019, 2021


I seen UH and Baylor are the early favorites. He’s a true point guard and reminds me of a young Chris Paul. He would fit CKS system to a glove.

I know the better basketball recruits in Houston no longer go to public or private schools in Houston. They transfer to a prep or out of state to where their AAU wants them to go. Sometimes they just go to where they can train the most and get homeschool.


dont buy too much into favorites for anyone not about to enter their senior year…they change like the wind, especially for elite recruits…duke/kentucky type schools dont offer players till their between junior and senior seasons (unless you are a top 5 recruit) …so the blue bloods arent even in discussion yet…

but something ive noticed and thought about for a while…we havent gotten any major houston recruits since house/chicken. we arent even in the running for anyone in 19…but 2020 could be the breaking year…weve been recruiting a lot of them since middle school and built strong relationships with many.

if we make the tourney next season (building on our momentum) we could really be rolling in the local recruiting
heres a list o the top guys in houston for 19 through 21
we already built an extremely close relationship with 1, 3, 5,7 of 2020 (3,5,7 play for the same aau), no one is recruiting #4 yet, but we could probably get in on that later (he plays for texas pro, the 1 aau in hosuton that actually sends their players here)

in 2021 1,2,4,9 are extremely close with our staff (no clue what the relationship is with #3 but he has an offer )


Thanks for the list. I’ll be going to Jim Hicks website but he hasn’t updated since April.