College basketball recruits by state

Interesting article on the states that are producing the most high level basketball recruits over the last 5 years. Surprise Surprise Texas is one of the top 3.

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Interesting, I would have actually expected that the Northeast had more highly ranked recruits.

The decline of the NE specifically NYC has increased more than I thought as well. Florida has a few high level prep schools that have taken TX kids too. So the #s would be higher if they were counted towards TX.

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Keep in mind it isn’t a per capita ranking, so Texas, Cal, and Florida have an advantage… but NY seems to have an oddly low output.

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Kentucky and North Carolina are lower than I would have expected.

Isn’t basketball considered to be the biggest HS sport in those states?

I realize that they don’t have the population of the Top Three, but nevertheless, I figured that the “basketball first” emphasis in those states’ schools would have put them higher up.

Funny that UT has secured the most top recruits in state but have had the least amount of success. Let’s you know recruiting rankings don’t tell the whole story and coaching matters.