College Football Bowl Projections for 2017

Ugh…I would not want to see the Coogs in that matchup. BYU is probably the dirtiest team in America. I’d rather go up against a low-tier SEC school in this type of scenario.

Not a single game played and they’re projecting bowl games.


No SEC teams will be available due to all their bowl tie-ins.

Do they have 14 tie-ins, just a joke, but it seems like they all get in.

This is interesting. Ever since BYU went independent, they’ve usually signed a bowl deal in advance of the season. Last year, for example, BYU was contracted with the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego before the season started.

This year, BYU is a free agent. And the Frisco Bowl just happens to have an at-large slot to fill. And the Frisco Bowl is now owned by ESPN, who is BYU’s TV partner for regular season games.

From the bowl’s perspective, the at-large slot can either be filled by a bowl-eligible team that wasn’t selected for one of the conference’s bowl games, or by BYU.

As most P-5 conferences barely fill - or can’t fill - all of their existing slots as it is, it would be sheer luck if a 6-6 SEC or B12 team came available. More likely, it’d be a G-5 team.

So if the choice is BYU or some random G-5 school, what choice do you think ESPN and the bowl game will make?

How big is the stadium?

Tiny. It would definitely be a little difficult to find seats if BYU came to town.

It seats 20K if I remember correctly.

Well would sellout. Probably the only bowl to do it other than the playoffs.

It’s a MLS stadium. Would be equivalent to playing in BBVA (again).

Different coach. He cleaned things up.

This is the future of bowls. Less seats to try and fill makes it easier on the participating schools, the bowl, and it looks good on TV.

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