College Football Empire Map

Saw this for the first time last year. Fun way to watch the season progress.

Unfortunately we have little to gain this week, as Tech owns no territory. So we simply need to hold court.


Got to hold on to the Texas gulf coast and Houston.

Sadly, the next opportunity we probably will have to gain territory won’t come until the Oct 20th game against Navy, and that may just be the Memphis area. USF will be the following week and they may come in undefeated, but probably won’t have anymore territory than they have now. If we beat them, though, we’ll get Atlanta and Tampa. After that, we probably won’t have a chance to pick up territory unless we play UCF or Cincy in the Championship game, and only if they come in undefeated.

How come we don’t own Arizona, or at least part of it?


Opportunities for our opponents to gain ground this week, and thus allow us to take it from them eventually…

Temple vs. Maryland - unlikely, but would be nice to take a piece of central Texas.
ECU vs. Va Tech
Tulane vs. UAB - I don’t see UAB holding any land, but Tulane has a piece in the Midwest they need to hold onto.
USF vs. Illinois - this game will be pretty big. both teams have a good land mass acquired right now.
AL A&M vs. Cincy - should be an easy win, but Cincy has land to lose.

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Arizona had lost their “empire” to BYU in the first week, so we couldn’t take anything from them.

BYU lost what they had won to Cal. Which is why we have nothing to gain this week. Tech lost their “empire” in week one to Ol Miss.

Gotcha. Thanks.

i love risk and strategy games but not sure about this.

UT owns Tulsa. That’s all you need to know.


Did anyone actually watch the ECU v. UNC game this weekend. Is ECU much improved or is UNC just that bad?

Also, how did Cincy look against Miami (other than the score)?

I’m still laughing that some people picked Temple to be a sleeper in the east. What a dumpster fire! I know Villanova and Buffalo aren’t terrible, but anyone in our conference should be able to get wins over FCS and MAC teams. Come on!

UNC is bad. ECU was literally running QB draws up the middle and gaining huge yardage from it. Remember, ECU lost to an FCS team last week. I think they’re better than last year, but that isn’t saying much.

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If the bottom of the conference can’t improve we really need to ditch the P6 branding. Sure, every “P5” conference has a team or two clearly at the bottom of the standings but even those teams tend to take care of business against soft OOC opponents.

idk, the American top to bottom looks better than the pac12

Stupidest thing i ever saw! For them to completely ignore our dominating win over Arizona and not give us a chunk of Arizona makes the whole premise ridiculous!

The premise is, everyone owns all counties that are closest to them to start the season. Every week, any team that loses, loses everything they have currently to the team that beat them. You dominate a team that lost the week before, you gain nothing, you win by a point vs a team that owns a state you get the whole state. So right now it looks like we cannot gain anything until USF, but in reality, we probably will, just takes some we play beating someone with land before we play them.

I love this place. Sometimes just gotta smile.

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