College Football Imperialism map

(Chojn1) #1

Pretty cool concept. There’s a chance we can invade Austin later in the year.

Hope we can conquer southern Arizona this Saturday. Gooo Cooogs!

(Ben B) #2

Interesting idea, but I think if you win at home you shouldn’t take the others territory unless you win by some exorbitant amount. So UCLA wouldn’t have College Station.


Nah. Let them have it. After that epic collapse, Aggies don’t deserve it!

(Brad) #4

…plus, I want the opportunity to take the panhandle.

(Marcus) #5

Why doesn’t the U have Miami?

(Brad) #6

Good point. Miami should have south Florida…the real south Florida.

Weird to see Liberty having part of central Texas. Hope that holds all season.


Rice is now an island out in the gulf.