College Football News Preview: Houston

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That was encouraging.

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Can’t wait until my on-line book posts the 5 1/2 win total to get my bet in. I’ll be on that poly train as soon as it leaves the station.


I think they didn’t give enough credit to the improvements in OL health, redshirts, and returning total WR corp. It didn’t state just how bad the OL was due to injury and constantly having to come up with a different starter each week. I just hope our opponents think as litlle of us as the article; there will be some startled folks this fall.


I think Tune can more than “move a little”

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He sure did on the long run up the middle for a TD.


Yes and on a hamstring that was probably not 100% even at that time !

The young man can motor…if need be…

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I think it’s a pretty fair write-up from someone who doesn’t have to try to be objective like all of us have to try.

His schedule prediction is pretty much in line with what I said on some other thread somewhere, so the people at College Football News are clearly geniuses!!

No way we are 6-6 next year. At least 8-4


With the talent level on both sides now anything short of 8 wins would be disappointing for sure.

With this schedule,I will be happy with 7 wins and call it a good season:

7 keeps me from grabbing my pitchfork and torch. I might be grumbling but not ready to burn it down again.


Depending on just how much depth we have makes the difference.

  1. We have most of the team that played last year returning
  2. We have those 35 RS that practiced with the team all year coming in
  3. We have some quality transfers that also practiced with the team coming in
  4. We have all of the injured from last year coming back
  5. Some of the recruits are going to contribute

On paper, with the amount of passion that we played with last year, and considering that we were in every game until running out of gas, and that influx, we should be deep and pretty salty.

BYU, Good? I have heard they are beatable
WSU? A lot of transition, new coach, etc., and we almost beat them last year

I think we surprise folks (if we play).


Sorry but that was probably one of the worst sports analysis ever written from a grammar standpoint. I’m not a snob but dear lord that was terrible. From that alone, I can’t take anything he said with serious consideration.

We should have much h more than a fighting chance to beat WSU and BYU…

Can use another good piece for the OL

Perhaps premature but I think this season is critical in in the Holgorsen era. Lay an egg and things could spiral with potentially no buyout $$ available.

Yes. They range was a low of 5-7 to a high of 11-1. So basically, even the Pros have no clue whats going to happen. We have talent for sure but so does everyone we play on the road plus UCF at home with Milton, I presume, back at the controls.

That September 19 game at Memphis is going to be a real litmus test for the team.


Sabotaged by talk to text, oh the irony!

Fixed it for you :wink:

IMO CDH gets a bye this fall because we will not lose one game. Oh and we won’t win one game as there will be no students on campus which means no athletes on campus. 0 - 0 record.

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