College football player Jamain Stephens dies at age 20 of COVID-19 complications

I pasted the story in one of the other threads. This is what scares University Presidents. All it will take is it happening to one player on a team that is practicing and playing.

They’re safer on campus. Surrounded by the team doctors than they are away from campus.

There’s a reason why cases spike when kids come back to school after spending time at home.

The D2 season was cancelled. Yet, he contracted the virus and passed away. Very unfortunate. And it shows that you’re not protecting the kids by not playing. You actually may be doing more harm.


Right. This one example throws some water on the argument that these players are young and healthy so have nothing to worry about but also strengthens the argument that they probably aren’t really going to be any safer if the season is cancelled and may in fact be less safe. School presidents in the Big 10, etc will probably be more focused on the first point though for their own interests.

I agree. And they already threw out Myocarditis as a reason. Something that is not new when battling an infection.

I can’t take the B1G serious any more after the tweet from Dan Patrick came out last week that they are looking at an October kickoff.

It is a shame that anyone dies from this disease but do yo know that less than 100 people in USA have died from covid 20 years old and younger! Play ball fellas…More football players die from heat stroke than covid

If they want to play. I leave it up to the players. The B1G has been a circus this entire time. I don’t see Kevin Warren being around much longer as commish. And will be adding salt to every BIG fan and PLAYER’S wound if he shows up to a Mississippi State game this fall.

If he cares so much about the student athlete and this virus then why is he going to allow his son to play this season?

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His son playing is his desire but I have to believe politics played into his decision to shut the league down!

Warren didn’t shut the B1G down. The Presidents/Chancellors did.


ESPN says the cause is not known. Others are saying it wasn’t from COVID. We’ll see as the story develops.

Why would his friend lie about? Did he have Covid?

“You actually may be doing more harm.”

May. Depends on what, overall, is being done to protect people. Somewhere between nothing and shutting everything down is probably ideal…but nobody really knows where optimal is…not even in hind site.

College aged kids will be college aged kids. Coming back to the structure of the football program and being surrounded by their own doctors is very beneficial for these kids. They don’t get that at home.

Looks like another Faux News report. When will it ever stop? Truth doesn’t seem to matter.

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