College Gameday - Attempt to get them to come In 2 weeks

Screw it, why not. For Houston, right? Retweet or send your own message if you can. If someone can push this on Facebook to some of the Coog groups, that would be great. Appreciate any help.


it’s much more likely that they talk about how the state of Texas got battered by Hurricane Harvey as a segue into their coverage of the Texas-USC game that week

Hope about for the Texas tech game

I’m sure they will, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to try. Could spotlight Coach Sampson’s and the other coaches efforts to bring together athletic departments. Could spotlight Dickinson and Andre Ware. Could try to say how the diversity/togetherness of Houston was on full display this week.

Again, doubt it happens, but do remember that the UT-USC game is on FOX which may at least give them pause.

That might be one they may consider. There aren’t many great match-ups for Week 4 (NC State-FSU, Stanford-UCLA or Washington-Colorado are probably the best)

Would probably need Tech to beat Arizona State and be undefeated (same for UH).

It’s possible but a long shot. Gameday opened the 2007 season at Virginia Tech following the tragic shooting.

Gameday @ UH would be awesome…honestly, is there a better story out there? Our city and surrounding areas get crushed, and true human spirit comes out in empathy, charity, hard work and true altruism…the Good Side of Humanity.
Is there a better story out there? Nope.
Go Coogs !!!

They talked about us this morning.

I would love to see it. Texas USC lost a lot of luster now…lol. Always a good day when Texas loses.

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Matt Thomas is pushing it now.

I didn’t start this one…476 signers so far.


Just signed the petition.


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