College students are struggling with mental health

(Dustin K) #1

This isn’t new, I have read before that the psychological services available at different universities is often understaffed and makes it hard for people to get help. I try to make a little donation every year to CAPS at UH, anything that will help them serve more students. Hopefully one day I can make a big donation. It isn’t a sexy donation like athletics or my academic program or even general scholarships, but it is needed.

(Patrick) #2

Thanks for sharing.

This is an important issue and, I believe, UH is now the only major Texas college that charges students to see a mental-health professional; UT stopped charging this year.

Wish the state would provide more funds.

(Dustin K) #3

I know there are mental health professionals available for a charge through the health center. I don’t know if they charge for the ones that are available through CAPS or how that works.

(Patrick Hubbell) #4

One in five seems like a stretch. Are we talking serious issues, or the anxiety that arises twice during a semester?