Comcast pulls B1G Network from their lineup outside of B1G states

(Patrick) #1

Will be interesting to watch. Cable companies have to compete with streaming services now and the fact is that 50% of cable subscribers don’t watch sports. Only way to keep down prices is to dump sport channels.

But, like I saw elsewhere, let’s see if this continues once football season starts.


Wow, BTN will not be on in New York ( the reason Rutgers was added), Florida, Texas, and California. They are being cut out of 3 of the top 4 recruiting areas of the country. It is my guess that the BIG is already talking to UT.

(Patrick) #3

You’d have to think so.

(Chris) #4

This could very well be the “The first domino to fall” IMO the cfp is killing its own "golden goose"
To go back to “regional” conferences would make perfect sense.
University costs are out of control that can’t be ignored either.


Or this could be a move by ESPN to force content onto the ESPN+ to try and force subscriptions up for that platform.

(Ryon Adams) #6


Love the Big Ten Network.

I often follow one of my grad school alma maters (Illinois) on it.

I wish that every cable provider would carry it.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #7

I also love BTN, and when I’m not attending a football game, I’m usually watching one on BTN or on the BTN2Go ap.

(Patrick) #8

Which is one reason why cable giant Comcast is threatening to pull the Big Ten Network (as well as FS1, which shows league games) off basic cable packages. It already did outside the league footprint on second-tier packages. Now it is saying BTN will no longer be on basic cable in communities in the league area as of September 1.

(Patrick) #9

According to John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal, the agreement will place BTN on the Xfinity “expanded basic” tier in states with a Big Ten school (which includes New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia, but not New York), and puts the network on the “sports and entertainment” tier in the coming months in all other states.


Sounds like a good reason to add a “Texas” school, know wut I mean, Vern?