Common Thread Among Weaknesses


I wonder how much of our season-long problems and inconsistencies are related to strength and conditioning. Besides Orlando, I think that the S&C guy was the most significant loss staff-wise. It could explain (continued) difficulty run-blocking as well as second-half (especially 4th quarter) fading in both wins (Temple) and losses (Tulane, Memphis, Tech). Thoughts?

(Eric Prado) #2

Yes I agree that the SC coach is a weak link.

(sarkcoog) #3

I think it had more time with time of possession and lack of substitution. We held possession only 28 minutes by the offense this year. In addition, the defense did not substitute much during the games.

Not saying there was also a conditioning problem, but the two things above were important as well.


On the defense side, depth was an issue. The OP mentioned Temple…lost Ed in 1st quarter and shut them out 1st half. The drop off at NG was enormous…if Carter had been active at that point, Fleming could stay on bench.
TT and Tulsa games were 100 degrees on field…D played very well first half both games and slowly wilted in 2nd as Offense didn’t produce and turnovers mounted. Idk about SC coach being issue…maybe

(Patrick) #5

Definitely a possibility.

I think the one thing that was sort of disappointing in this aspect was the Tech game. Our guys were cramping and seemed to have trouble with the heat while the Tech guys seemed to not have the same problems. Considering that our guys are training in that type of weather all year, that shouldn’t have happened.


Wouldn’t the cramping be more related to lack of hydration and electrolytes and not so much conditioning?

(Cary) #7

Yeah that is a nutrition/trainer issue.

(Gary Taylor) #8

I was of the opinion that there was nothing but breakdowns all over the field. Defensive Coordinator,Offensive Coordinator Head Coach, Special teams, offensive line, Defensive backs to just name the most obvious to me. .

(PortlandCoog) #9

S&C is the only coach allowed year round access to players. Next to head coach it’s the most important position.