Companies with vaccine in pipeline

Pfizer who we are given to understand has already done phase one and phase 2
Moderna who is, based of past performance questionable
Giliad Science
Astra Zenica

Who else is in this race?

If anyone comes up with a vaccine first it will be the Army. They are the one with most resources. They are currently working on a vaccine for all coronaviruses. Which to me is smart given that the virus mutates.

Many people don’t realize that the military have been the people who have made many of the break throughs on infectious diseases. You just don’t hear about it because they don’t have a stock price to pump up.

I hope they are the ones that come up with it first. In this environment, I don’t trust a for profit company rushing a vaccine. There will be somebody in their organization that will do a cost benefit analysis of profits from the vaccine versus future law suit settlements.

Obviously, we all want a vaccine as soon as possible, but if there is one entity on this planet, I do not want to come up with a vaccine first or really at all is the freakin Chinese. I would not want to reward them for all of their bad behavior around the virus plus who could trust it coming out of that country?

If there is an evil regime or entity on this planet it would be the Chinese that would go into business for either profit or for military or for political power reasons and create viruses to solve them with vaccines on the back end after having the virus released.

They actually should be first, they are the ones that have been studying these related Corona viruses for quite some time and they have such a head start on everyone with being infected about 10 times more than they admit and with hiding and not releasing much critical information on it.

The Chinese are testing one with their Army right now. The U.S. Army is not far behind. I bet we win this race.

I certainly hope we win that race.

The world always throws rocks at us but in the end America always comes through. Yes we are screwed up right now, but America has a self righting mechanism where we come through inthe final reel.

We are dangerously screwed up right now on so many fronts. Hopefully we’ll continue to persevere and overcome the nonsense.

Yes we are. I strongly believe or I chose to strongly believe the radicals on both sides of the spectrum are burning themselves out. The vast majority of Americans are in the middle, some slightly to the left and some slightly to the right but for the most part people are in the middle. We are in a time period where the media has become propaganda.

But for all of our screwedupedness America is still the greatest country this world has ever seen.

When you put it to a vote to the world’s population and they vote with their feet, the United States is the clear winner. Our immigrant population is 50 million the next closest country is Germany at 13 million. When you ask the world, what society would you like to live in they answer the United States.

I hope these radicals burn themselves out and the country wakes up and stomps them out. We’ll see.

It all depends on the criteria utilized for who the greatest country is in the world.

How so?

And what poll are you talking about? Did the UN or another international organization conduct a poll asking what people think is the best country? I think of myself as patriotic, but I like to maintain some objectivity. Like Ancient Rome, we have the best military and bread and circuses. Beyond that, I’m not sure how we’re “the greatest.”

Our migrant population is the same as Western Europe’s, so one really can’t point to immigration and say, “We’re Number One!,” especially when we’re bordered on the south by poverty-stricken countries, some of which have oppressive, violent government regimes,

I will let the world decide. When people decide to emigrate, they go to the United States in the largest numbers. The United States is where people around the around the world want to live. OK so there is that. We are still the only country to land a man on the moon. We have the largest economy with the most economic opportunities. We have the world’s best universities. We have the best hospitals and medical research. I could go on and on…

We are the greatest country in the history of the world.

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No, they don’t. Our annual migrant population is the same as Western Europe’s, and we have a border with Central America while a country like Germany is bordered by France, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, etc.

So you are adding every country in Europe together? Hell why don’t you add every country in the world?

Well, that’s because Western Europe is still smaller in area and population than the U.S., and the European Union is very similar to the U.S. Immigration is a facile argument.

As I mentioned, it all depends on the criteria and weighting. All of those top 7 are excellent countries to live. It pretty much gets down to taste and what you are looking for and whether you feel one would fit in and thrive in that culture.

I was thinking of Switzerland immediately when 51 made that post. Definitely on my list as the best place in Europe to live if not the world. It always gets high marks. I visited last year and people that are from other parts of the world that now live there just rave about the place. I use to feel that way about Germany but not as much these days or over the past decade plus.

Becasuse we are so big, with such a diverse population and with many problems it is hard to measure up against many of those countries that are much smaller.

There were a few rankings I found surprising. China cannot be an easy place to start up a business for a non-Chinese company. Probably one of the hardest. Possibly for a Chinese citizen, but certainly not a foreign operator. Also surprised we are ranked highest on the education front. I can see at the collegiate level, but certainly not on average at the K-12 levels with our diverse population and economic levels. It is hard to see us to match up on average to many of those countries on the education level especially over the leading European countries.

On the front of economic prosperity the USA with our lower regulations is very pro business compared to the EU. Just have done way too many deals that have included American and Euro operations and the EU just layers on top tremendous constraints on their companies. Significant growth suppressors from the EU.

Personally, I believe that most Americans would have a difficult time living in the Euro countries except for possibly the UK, Canada, and Australia. Americans are so molded to American in my opinion.

Do more people annually move from Western European countries to the USA, or vice versa?

If the answer is the former, then the USA is obviously a “better” country than those in Western Europe.

Otherwise, the immigration trend would be the other way around.

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Actually, before you answer that question, I will.

When it comes to where people want to live, THREE TIMES as many people from Western Europe move to the USA annually than vice-versa.

That tells me that the USA is a better country.

If Western European countries were better, then more people would want to live/move there.

Case closed.



One burden that the USA takes on that Europe absolutely benefits from is the USA being the global cop and military force to keep the world safe. The European countries really do not have that burden to deliver to the world. That puts tremendous weight on our shoulders that Europe does pay for like the USA does.

Yeah I pretty much agree. I do think “tastes” are important. It probably is kind of tough to say “We’re #1” in 2020, but we may well be for some. By the same token those years that we were especially considered great by many (c. 2nd half of 20th century) a lot of people living here wouldn’t have found much great about their country. I’ve just never been a fan of puffing oneself up.

It’s not tough to say that we are #1 over Western European countries considering that people from those countries move here at a rate THREE TIMES the rate at which people from the USA move there.

Pretty easy conclusion, really.


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