Companies with vaccine in pipeline

I do feel that people from other countries can adopt to living in America easier than the average person in America can adopt to living in almost all of those Euro countries. The best match for Americans is probably Canada #1 and Australia #2. But you do need to know English to adapt well to America and Americans will adapt easier to English based countries. But that is typical in most cases.

Also, I should have said all 10 of those countries are excellent places to live. I only saw the top 7 initially. Been to all on business and pleasure and have no problem with any of the top 10. But Japan would be difficult for almost all Americans to live in just from a language and cultural adaptability perspective.

I think that may have more to do with people in Europe being more open minded about where they live. Most Americans are too scared to even move cities or states, let alone to a new continent. Go offer a job to some guy in east Texas making 25k a year living in a trailer to move to Europe for 100k and 99% of them will turn it down. Americans definitely value their own country much more than people from Europe. Also like snowskier said how it is easier for them to move here and adjust. All those people from Europe who moved here probably speak fluent English. Language alone is a big hurdle for Americans.

I know many people of color who have moved to either the UK, Australia, or Germany and never want to come back to the US to live. For me, they also have better social support systems for self employed in most western European countries, but also have more hurdles to business so no clear incentive. The main reason I probably wouldn’t do it is winter, I hate the cold. I will never live north of Texas either, at least year round.

As for being the best country, for people who are well off economically, I would agree we are the #1 country. I have a hard time saying for sure we are the best overall with so much poverty, crime, and amount of people with no healthcare. The last few months have lowered how proud I am of the country too.

Anyway, Happy 4th of July! About to get back to drinking.

Either that, or they simply would rather live in the USA because they think that life here will be better.

That’s why I approach any claim that the USA isn’t #1 will a skepticism that approaches scoffing.

If some other country were better, then why isn’t some other country the #1 destination that people want to move to other than their birth country?

Why do so few people born in the USA wish to permanently leave their country of birth compared to other countries (as illustrated by the stats I posted)?

The answer is simple: because what America has to offer…all things considered…is simply BETTER than any place else.

And that makes us #1.

In my previous career, I lived all over the world and worked in many different countries.

I wouldn’t rather live in any of them, and now that I’m retired from that career and in a second one, I CHOOSE to live in the USA. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve had fun in a lot of different countries, and there are many that I wouldn’t mind living in if I had to for work, etc.

But I would not choose to call any other country home, nor would I consider citizenship in any other.

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I don’t think that the Army itself has people working on it.

I think the Army has many contracts with universities and other research institutions that work on these things.

With all due respect, I think language is underlying reason as was pointed out for migration differences between US and EU. Most Europeans are multi lingual. Most Americans are English only;but, some can count to three in Spanish. Easy to migrate when
you can at least speak and understand. Case reopened and sent back down ( or something like that :wink: ?

Initially I thought you nailed it ! Then my feeble mind
was changed. What a great feeling ! ( no sarcasm)

Note , I may ( not ) be the type of juror you would want to seat :crazy_face:.

There is this to consider:

“ According to a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report published on 4 October 2007, a total of 1,356 CDC/USDA registered BSL-3 facilities were identified throughout the United States.[27]Approximately 36% of these laboratories are located in academia. 15 BSL-4 facilities were identified in the U.S. in 2007, including nine at federal labs”

And lots of times aren’t federal labs “managed” or affiliated with an academic university ? Is a federal lab an army lab ? Not sure.

Edit - a better link

But even among non-English speakers there’s a widespread desire to move to the USA.

Just think how many non-English speakers call this country home! In the Houston area alone, there are thousands of non-English speakers living here. Even people that don’t speak English want to come here, and they all seem to manage to find a niche.

No country is as big a “destination” as ours, and there’s a reason for that.

And trust me. Having been in Europe on multiple occasions, there are enough English speakers in most of those countries to where an American living there as an expat can get by without knowing the native language. The same holds true for other countries as well. I don’t know ANY Korean, for example, and I still got by just fine for over a year living there.

In other words, language does NOT explain away the point that I made.

There simply isn’t as much of a desire for Americans to move abroad, simply because, guess what? They know that they already have it better here, and as such, have no desire to change their situation and move.

Western Europeans, by contrast, are THREE TIMES less likely to hold that same attitude, as I pointed out, with respect to their country of birth and America, and given that, I have a hard time accepting that those countries are “better,” no matter how many “on paper” stats people may present to try and make that case.

In the end, the best measure for which country is “best” is the following: which country is the number one destination for people looking to leave their country of birth?

Dunno , it’s personal . I enjoy dealing with
Europeans and amazed at what they had. I was
tempted . And who can turn down those $1.00 homes in Italy :wink:
High Taxes but with low Covidity.

The more I read about Moderna the more it seems like a scam designed to enrich its founders.

Here is one more promising candidate

While it is a Chinese company, it’s Canadian connection gives me confidence. If the Canadian govt deems them worthy of funding and eventually accepts any vaccine as safe and effective, I will have no problem getting it.

Kind of morally perverse that the rush for these companies is about huge profits rather than the people’s health and welfare, not that I discount the latter as a motivation.

You should discount it. That’s simply the PR motivation, if there wasn’t giant piles of money involved they’d be perfectly content to let you, me, and our families die. As long as that stock price stays up.

We will see:

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Always nice to have cup of coffee and an article of hope in the morning. With All the different entities in the vaccine race I hope corners aren’t getting cut.

It would be a huge boon for US prestige around the
world if the Army can pull this off.

I wonder how the vaccines being developed will be
different from each other. How many different starting points there are in the development of a vaccine. .What does the decision tree look like ? Different methods of producing ,etc…Fascinating stuff.
EDIT- just realized the article is a month old. In this rapidly moving world that almost makes it ancient.

The danger lies in getting a vaccine into distribution that is either insufficiently effective or has potential to do much harm. It will be a gamble not having multi-year large-scale drug trials, but the pressure on every level to do something is very high.

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