What excites me the most about the team will be the competition at each position. The more competition, the better our depth, the better our team! Time to rock!


I wish we could say the same for the OL. I hope we get Demetris from Florida. Also, I think we have a walk on commit Malex Fuget.

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Demetris is coming to UH baby!

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2 writers on 247 predicted Harris to USF tonight. Hope they’re wrong.

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Charlie does love guys to stay silent and create buzz on nsd. Very strange recruiter.

Even if we don’t sign too many OL, we do have 13 scholarship OL on the roster for next year without counting the signees. We’ve done a good job filling in the OLine the last couple of years as only 4 of those 13 will be seniors next year (Oliver, Rodgers, Thomas, Fontana) and 2 of those guys were JUCOs that we picked up last year.

Bardwell will sign and we’ll probably get Payton Turner which will get us back to 15 scholarship guys plus a number of walk-ons. If Harris signs, that would be the cherry on the sundae.


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