Concerning Army v. Navy

(Ryon Adams) #1

Ya know, I was very tempted to cheer for our conference mate, Navy. I work with too many West Pointers.

But just now on the pre-game show, I saw my Chief of Staff, GEN Mark Milley (who, BTW, is a Princeton ROTC Officer, not a West Pointer) make a plug for Army. Given that, I had better show loyalty to my Chain of Command. With that in mind,…


(Eric Prado) #2

Omg it’s a snow game

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This wouldn’t be a gameday thread without a POLL!

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Army came in camo. .white pants and jerseys in the snow.

(Eric Prado) #5

Yes it looks amazing

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(Ryon Adams) #7

7-0 Army

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(Ryon Adams) #9

7-3 Army

(Eric Prado) #10

Nice cut back

(Ryon Adams) #11

10-7 Navy


Not sure if anyone else noticed, but Navy has the Texas flag on their jersey. Their left chest but our right when looking at it. These are new/special jersies for this game so a considered effort was made to put it on there.


Navy playing in a better conference is paying dividends.


The Army uniforms have the flag backwards. The flag should look as though it is being advanced and Army is wearing flags that are in retreat.

(Jeff Berger) #15

Man, I love this game. The snow just adds to the awesomeness.

(Ryon Adams) #16

Nice drive!!!

14-13 Army!!!

(Ryon Adams) #17

Army wins!!!


(Eric Prado) #18

I knew he’d miss it


48 yards, in the snow, is not a gimme. The team was flagged twice in the last 30 seconds, which cost 10 yards, forcing the kicker to try and kick a career long fg in the snow. That was not the kicker’s fault.

Good game grunts.

(Eric Prado) #20

No I’m not saying that. I’m aware of the penalties that prevented him from shining.

But he hasn’t had the greatest year either.

Great game!