Over half an hour before kickoff and Chick Fil A was out of sandwiches. :man_facepalming:

Bring back Aramark!!!


With the amount of people here they must’ve only brought a sack full


Guy sitting in front of me just showed up with one

Based on what I was told, CFA sandwiches are the only real option for food in TDECU this season.


Does Karbach count as food?


That’s quite an indictment.

I bought a Chick Fil A spicy chicken sammich and bag of chips at halftime. They had a ton of them.

They ran out of white Dippin’ Dots in the middle of the 4th quarter. What kind of a sh!tshow is Holgersen running around here!


I smuggled in a fifth of bourbon and was irritated at the dumb waits for sodas, ice and refills. Clearly there is no respect for what we are trying to achieve here.


Free refills were back this game.


I didn’t even ask. I’m running out of cabinet space for all these souvenir cups.


Not in ours lol…we did however, get something like a 10% discount on our cold drinks if we showed our cards proving we are season ticket holders…
But we have nothing to complain about…both elevators actually worked! Neither elevator worked at the Memphis game so we found us a seat near the end zone…

Hard to believe concessions could be worse than aramark. I guess the whole TDECU experience was terrible this year. Form games to food.

The vendor was not using their best players this season.

The entire gameday experience has been terrible. I’m not talking about the games. My group always has fun. I’m talking about concessions, the stupid games, the DJ, playing music instead of the band, etc. I have sent emails to whoever will listen to me. Hopefully this changes next season.

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I have emailed UH twice and tweeted about the terrible smoke in the student section after tocuhdowns. It is a serious health risk for those with asthma. As an asthmatic, I can vouch that it is leaving UH at risk of a lawsuit if someone gets hospitalized from the smoke at a game who has severe asthma. It leaves the whole stadium smelling like there is a massive fire and it stinks. Why are we doing smoke after field goals anyways? We have fireworks, a siren, and a Cougar growl. We do not need the smoke.


Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.

I can take many things as a alum but running out of dippin dots ain’t one. I’m out. I’m done with UH football games until 2020.


I agree, less DJ Mei and more band playing would be nice. It’s a college football game, not a disco.

About the smoke from the student section: people sitting with me voiced actual concern that there was a fire in the stadium. It surely didn’t add to anyone’s enjoyment of the game.

The video segments about which two things about a particular player are untrue and can you spot the Coog? are weak and a waste of time. Nobody comes to a game because of them.

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