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Thread posting conference highlights from around the AAC

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One thing I think we learned this week is this conference is going to be a dog fight. Cincy and WSU certainly rule roost, with SMU close behind. The rest is a mad scramble. Up until the devastation at WSU I was hopeful we would make the Big Dance this year…now I really have my doubts…


Pretty lopsided games today. Has me worried about how many teams we will get in the tourney. WSU blowing out USF by 38, Cincy over SMOO by 20 and underachieving Temple losing by 21. We need to split at least to Cincy or WSU and make a decent run in the tourney for a chance in the tourney.

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The Providence win is looking real good right about now. Arkansas was a good win. Sure, UH got blown out by WSU at their place in their 1st ever AAC home game. At least that happened in early January. Plenty of time to make people forget about that one. Any team that can shoot like that from 3-pt range is going to beat their opponent 95 out of 100 games (maybe higher?). Let’s not read too much into that game like Arkansas vs. UH. As Sampson said UH isn’t THAT bad and WSU isn’t THAT good much like UH is not THAT good and Arkansas is not THAT bad but that is basketball – on any given night… Let’s see how they do against Tulsa and how long Brady will be out. I agree though UH needs to bounce back in a strong way and I trust Sampson will have them ready on Thursday. I fear the crowd will be sparse though.

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What is wrong with temple? That school has been down for sometime.

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Not sure. They had some good wins early, but their offense seems to have gone in the tank with this 5 game losing streak.

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Watching SMU-temple on cbssn. At halftime of AAC games they do a great job actually talking about the AAC. Unlike ESPN which just talks about Dukes next game. Noticed this with football too.

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I’d love for CBS to come in and make a play for the AAC. They need content for the CBSSN and they could put us around the SEC game of the week during football season.

CBS has just never seemed to add to their inventory though.

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Upsets tonight. Strange week so far; hope our guys take care of business tomorrow:

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