Conference title still in play

(Patrick) #1

Cincy falls to the Shockers. If WSU can beat Cincy again, and lose one of their other 3 games and we win out, we are the conference champs (we win the tiebreaker over Cincy in that scenario as they would be 0-2 against WSU).

If it ends in a 3 way tie, WSU wins the conference because they went 2-0 against Cincy

(Jerrycoog) #2

If the ice game ends up costing us the conference title I am going to be pissed.

(Patrick) #3

WSU has the following:
Wed Tulane
Sat @SMU
Mar 1 @UCF
Mar 4 Cincy

(Patrick) #4

We can also win the conference if Cincy beats WSU if they lose one of their other games.
Sun Tulsa
Mar 1 @Tulane
Mar 4 @WSU

Thing is, they can’t lose the game at Tulane as they will win the tiebreaker over us, if that’s their only loss, by virtue of having played 2 games against Tulsa /Memphis/UCF and winning both games. 2-0 against a higher team in conference would win the tiebreaker over 1-0 when all other factors are the same.

Unfortunately, Cincy’s 1-offs were against Tulane, ECU and USF which are the three weakest teams.

(Ryon Adams) #5

Let’s hope that WSU does to Cincy what they did to us at home, and that we then win out.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

I doubt Wichita State sweeps Cincy but loses one of the other games. It’s more likely a three way tie with Wichita State having the best record on head to head. A little confused on your tie breaker with Cincy. If we tied Cincy for first, why would our records vs Wichita State come into play if they aren’t in the tie?

(Tom Green) #7

If 2 teams tie it goes head to head then step2 is recd against next team in standings . In pray10 ex. COOGS would win since they split w WSU n UC was 0-2 vs UC.

(PMM) #8

Better get your hands on that zipper !!!

CKS was right, that game should have been rescheduled !!

(Jimmy Morris) #9

Interesting. I’ve never heard of a tiebreaker like that before. Do you guys have a link to the tiebreaker rules so I can see what they are?

Nevermind. Found it. Page 24

Also, interesting to point out. I saw a different article that said tie-breakers are just used for seeding. So if it is a three way tie, all three teams would be regular season co-champions.

(Matt Jackson) #10

The likeliest path right now looks like this:
AAC Tourney
vs Memphis
vs Cinci
vs Wichita

If UH wins the next 5 and loses to Cincy, they project for an RPI around 16 which means they should earn a seed between 4-6.

If UH wins the next 6 and loses to Wichita they would have an RPI of around 14 and probably be seeded no higher than a 5 seed.

If UH wins out and wins the tourney they would have a 28-5 record and an RPI of around 8 and then likely seeded no higher than a 3 with an outside chance of a 2.

One other note that could be interesting, the Big 10 pulled out of its usual tourney TV slot with CBS because its coaches hated playing the late game right before the selection show. They are now playing their tournament 1 week before everyone else. The American championship game will be the last game on CBS that precedes the selection show. Unless there is a cinderella in the final, there is a possibility that the committee has already seeded the field and makes the title game somewhat irrelevant.

Regardless of the conclusion, the fact that we are even discussing such tall cotton is a feather in the cap of coaches and team. This looks like the beginning of a sustained run by Kelvin Sampson provided he sticks around.

(Christopher W Allison) #11

or if UH hadn’t blown an 18 point lead in Cincy…

(Alfred Matthews) #12

if the conference tourney began today:

First Round - Thursday, March 8 (All Games on ESPNU)
Game 1: No. 9 seed (SMU) vs. No. 8 seed (UConn) - Noon ET
Game 2: No. 12 seed (USF) vs. No. 5 seed (UCF) - 2 p.m. ET
Game 3: No. 10 seed (Tulane) vs. No. 7 seed (Temple) - 7 p.m. ET
Game 4: No. 11 seed (ECU) vs. No. 6 seed (Memphis) - 9 p.m. ET

Quarterfinals - Friday, March 9
Game 5: Winner of Game 1 (SMU/UConn) vs. No. 1 seed (Cincy) - Noon ET (ESPN2)
Game 6: Winner of Game 2 (USF/UCF) vs. No. 4 seed (Tulsa) - 2 p.m. ET (ESPN2)
Game 7: Winner of Game 3 (Tulane/Temple) vs. No. 2 seed (Houston) - 7 p.m. ET (ESPNU)
Game 8: Winner of Game 4 (ECU/Memphis) vs. No. 3 seed (Wichita State) - 9 p.m. ET (ESPNU)

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Cincy blew a 13 point lead against us. What’s your point? Home court is a real thing.

(Tom Green) #14

How can you keep going back to this. It’s basketball, lead was in 1st half…it happens. Only lead by 3 pts at half. #moveon

(Nick K) #15

if the refs hadn’t given the game back to cincy you mean…like they tried to do here as well…amazing how few fouls we committed vs temple with the same tenacious defense

(Brad) #16

Guys, the refs have been ticky-tack this year…but we got to admit, we foul a lot.

(PMM) #17

And the other teams don’t ?


Anyone remember this scandal!!! I was at a Rockets game that this guy admitted that the Refs wanted Dallas to win and you could tell the refs were influencing the game. Refs, I believe, chose certain teams they will make calls for and teams they will not. I also remember a 20/20 show in the 1990s where Refs admitted this in College Football as well…Remember, guys are betting on these games and Mafia-type people may be “making the calls”…

(Brad) #19

I don’t want to pick on any players but Brady has had some really questionable calls against him…he has also made some really sloppy-bone-headed fouls. I’m not saying the ref haven’t screwed us, but some of the foul trouble is us being sloppy or playing more aggressive than is allowed.


I agree with this. Our guys play physical underneath for sure which explains why we’re such a good rebounding team. But they have to learn to control their bodies, especially Zanna. He can be a beast underneath if he can just learn to control his spacing and stop reaching. That said, I would like to see more consistency in how fouls are called in the paint. The disparity was never more obvious than in both Cincy games.