Congrats Ed Oliver: Consensus All American

(G.W.) #1

Way to go Ed

(Chris) #2

Congratulations Mr. Ed Oliver.

(Pablo) #3

Great season! Well deserved!

(Ryon Adams) #4

Barring injuries, he could very well be a BACK TO BACK Consensus All-American!!!

He might even win the “Triple Crown” of Heisman, Lombardi, and Outland.



I guess the only thing left to use against us in recruiting is “you can’t win a national championship there”. Ok it would take all the stars to align for that to happen but how is that any different than any school except a select few.

(G.W.) #6

Because with the right coaching anything is possible. Even Texas Tech under Leach achieved a number 1 ranking some time ago. And under Briles, Baylor got to number 2 (they did not finish there).