Congrats Temple or Congrats Refs...?

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lol Look at his right leg shaggy! Who takes charges with their feet in a south paw boxing stance? He was still moving, and Davis making contact at any point is not what’s in question here; it’s the defenders momentum. Imagine running and then abruptly stopping, do you stop with both feet parallel, or are they uneven because you stop mid stride? This was a questionable call on that basis alone, the contact means absolutely nothing if there is a prior violation(blocking foul).

(Kyle) #44

Lesson Learned: Don’t leave the game in the hands of the refs because there is no consistency in their calls.

(John m Bevil) #45

A pass to Brady, who’s man went to take the charge, would have been a slam dunk for OT.


Flopping should be a technical. There is no way Davis trucked that center by brushing across his chest.

Philly remains dirty.


Thanks Corinth.


Just repeating what the analyst on TV said about charging calls. Defenders feet don’t have to be set. Defender has to have established a defensive position. So it is possible to be called for charging when the defender is moving. His words not mine. He didn’t define what is meant by a “defensive position”.


Exactly, that’s what’s known as wiggle room for controversy. Oh well. Game over. It just sucks we didn’t lose out-right instead of like that.


So this is a few years old but John Gaffney who called the travel on White and the T on CKS was rated the 5th worse ref in NCAA DI for the 5 year period ending in March 2013. Could have fooled me.


Maybe numbers 1 through 4 retired.



Had the Temple defender stayed put, there would have been no contact.

But the Temple defender slid to his left into Davis, who was going around him.

You can clearly see this in his right leg, which starts off bent and then straightens as he moves left.

It’s even more clear on the camera from the back side.

Even so, Davis grazed him. Clear no call in that spot. Let the players play.


Yes I keep seeing the play in my mind only with him dishing to Brady or Nate for the tie. It was like a three on one under the hoop.


But still not too bad of a loss… some good can be learned from it hopefully

(Patrick) #55

He also called the offensive foul on Corey the next Cougars possession. Corey has already gotten by the defender, but his hand was up and the defender got poked by it. Somehow that was an offensive foul.

Gaffney clearly had a grudge against CKS and acted it out in those few minutes.



I would rather lose how we went down last night as opposed to how Nevada achieved their first loss…a curb stomping at the hands of New Mexico.

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With only 0.6 secs left after the charge, not sure how quickly Brady could get the pass and be ready to dunk it in the paint. He would have maybe one second. Good idea but it would take near perfect execution. With Gresham, you maybe could have thrown it up for the slam.

(Randy Randel) #58

If that was a charge, it would have been called even if Corey had dished it.


Prob would have been different movement on the dish…


One of the commentators said several times that CKS was letting Gaffney “have it” for some of the calls he was making well before any of this happened. So, yes, these calls were clearly a power play by Gaffney. How dare a coach criticize one of his calls!

(Patrick) #61

The strange thing is that on the tech, CKS hadn’t said anything after the White travel call. Just turned, started taking his tie off, and went back to his chair. Gaffney, from 70 feet away, called the tech on him.