Congrats to Rob Gray for graduating

(Patrick) #1

(PMM) #2

As a graduate student, I now expect more points per game. :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Charles) #3

Congrats to the young man.


Very proud of Rob Gray. It’s one thing to attend and play, and another to play and graduate. I have great respect for players who graduate.

(Dustin K) #5

What’s he getting his masters in?


I heard he was going to get his NBA.

(Dustin K) #7

Well, I assume he has to be a graduate student for the spring semester if he is going to continue with the team this year.


Friendly joke?

(Dustin K) #9

Yea, I realized that after. It was a good one, just went right past me. Wasn’t on my A game.