Congratulations and tough loss

(Mike Lanning) #1

Very tough loss last night. Much of Shocker Nation were cheering for you, especially my wife and I.

I expect continued success from the Cougars. It sounds like there are efforts to build the program and certainly Coach Sampson is a tremendous coach and will bring in good recruits and teach them to play.

I look forward to a great rivalry between Houston and Wichita.

Have a great off-season.

By the way, how does the recruiting look for 2018-2019?

We have what appears to be the finest recruiting class ever coming in. Of course, we lose 6 extremely valuable seniors who will be very difficult to replace, so we may struggle for a while next year, but the future looks bright.


I’ve been to several coaches’ radio shows. He’s often said the incoming class is his best recruiting class to date. We signed four:

National Top 100 G of HS
Two sophomore transfers, one National Top 50 G and the other National Top 150 C out of HS
"Sleeper" coach’s son G who may be the best shooter in Texas

Plus, we redshirted a kid who may be better than all of them.

We may not make the preseason Top 25 next year. Mainly because we lost Gray and therefore people will write us off.

But if our players improve in the offseason, particularly Fabian White, Chris Harris and Breaon Brady, we could be a Top 10 team by the end of next year.

(Patrick) #3

Dejon Jarreau, the UMass transfer, should take over for Rob Gray immediately. Not sure if he’ll be the scorer Gray was, but he’s another guy that can handle the ball and create.

Brison Gresham, the other transfer, is tall and lanky and much in the mold of Fabian White. Should give us another body to help replace Davis.

Antoine Davis is a sharpshooter that should fill up the bucket from deep.

Nate Hinton is another all around stud that may compete for a starting spot almost immediately as a freshman.

As @CougarRed said, Cedrick Alley redshirted and will give us a swiss army knife that can fill any role that’s needed. Coach is extremely high on him and he may be our Devin Davis replacement.

A lot of ifs going into next year, but we could be much better:

  • Need Chris Harris to make a leap of sorts and become a more confident basketball player
  • Need Galen Robinson to develop some sort of shot to keep defenses offense
  • Need Brooks to develop his ball handling and defense - made a huge leap this year though
  • Need Grant to learn how to play team offense and defense
  • Need White to develop all his skills

With this staff, I expect improvement everywhere.

(Brad) #4

Everything y’all said, and add that if brooks improves half as much in his Jr season as he did in his Soph season he’ll be all conference 1st team.

(Brad) #5

This time last year I was concerned about the future of our program. Dotson was the best player on last year’s squad and I didn’t think Rob could carry the team by himself. Again, we’re losing our best player, and arguably our second best player in Davis. However the returners have much more promos than last year’s. Not to mention the incoming recruits are even better than prior years’.

I’m not confident we’ll make the sweet 16 next year, but in 2 years I expect us to be a 4 seed at worst.