Consider THIS folks

We beat USF by FIVE TDs.

Memphis beat them by only one point.

I like our chances in the last three games.


And UCF lost to Memphis by one


Just need all players to be healthy.


Not sure how far down the running back depth we’ll have to go but we aren’t going be healthy

Who is definitely out next week?

Its a big list of maybes right now. Seems like we find out gameday

I wasn’t used to this many players missing games in my 5 football season at U of H as a student trainer! Now our head trainer was Tom Wilson and that had a lot to do with it!


Keep Dana. I like what he’s doing. I really like the balance he brings of running and passing. Give him time and we will be ok


Congratulations for Smith and Walker who did a great job without Porter and then Car not being able to finish the game.


Don’t forget Fulbright. He showed some good stuff, I think.


Coach made it sound like Porter was held out because he was banged up from Cinci, but would be back next week. Hope we can get Turner and Mutin back.


I have the Coogs losing to Memphis and SMU. May have to add Tulsa to that list. Looked good tonight!

We looked very good tonight.

SMU looks beatable. We play Tulsa at home. Memphis is a wild card.

If we beat SMU, then we turn a corner for a good season. Wishing and hoping for the best.


I said earlier this year that Tulsa would be tough and was put down for that. Wellllll, they just beat SMU and are looking pretty stout. I’m glad we have them here.


We beat them all.

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Running the table, only if it stay this hot through January. Seriously when was the last time we defeated SMU at SMU and Memphis at Memphis. Tulsa is legit

Different year, dfifferent team. I don’t feel like looking up when we last beat them at their houses; it doesn’t matter, we just need to beat them there this year.

USF was bad today. In all facets. Doubt we can expect SMU and Memphis to be this bad.


SMU looks big but not very fast. They look like a less athletic version of BYU.

I think I like the Coogs this week if we get everyone back.

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If we can get Turner back that would be huge. Their true freshman LT is bad and he could expose that. Commentator has also said that the SMU OL struggles with smaller defensive linemen who can play with leverage. We can expect Dot and Parish to do work! Getting Mutin back for the defense would just be icing on the cake. Coogs have a better chance than some care to admit.


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