Coogfans Fantasy Football


It’s that time of year again. This is the 6th year running that I am hosting a Coogfans fantasy football league on Yahoo.

We have 7 returning teams, with 3 slots open to anyone that is interested. This is a fun free league that does run a little friendly smack talk, so we do have a good time.

If anyone is interested, send me a message. The first 3 folks to reply will get the invite. Others will be queued up as alternates.


(Eric Prado) #2

Aw I wasn’t aware one existed. I started one myself. I got a couple from this site to join. Let me know if you still need people as your draft gets closer. I wouldn’t mind playing in two leagues.


Send me a message with your email address and I can send you an invite. Thanks.

(Brad) #4

I replied yes but got a message that my team was deleted


Sorry. Can you reply with your email address again and I can add you back? Thanks.

(Eric Prado) #6

@pray10 maybe join this league? Don’t think I’ll be able to find a final person for my league.

(itcoog) pinned #7