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Exactly…he comments on how ‘the team’ is being sacrificed for what he calls ‘tanking’ the season, but yet, does the most selfish ‘ME’ thing he coulda ever done. And correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re suggesting the ‘team’ was putting you at risk for the shape your knees and, apparently, your brain (CTE mention) were in by continuing to play, why would you take exception to them having you sit? I get it…because he feels they chose to sit him not on his terms, but it still comes off as contradictory. And also, don’t give me this song and dance about how you came here only because you saw there was a commitment to win. Given your history, Mr. Murphy, be glad you were even given a final chance…a chance you maybe should have just passed up based on said history. Be grateful for your ‘guaranteed compensation,’ go finish your education, move on with your life and grow up!

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Where there’s smoke, there’s :fire:


I think the most talk about Murphy is on the board. I am dropping this subject and moving on.


Not sure I follow…

Use of the word “tanking” is so incredibly lazy. We are not taking steps to intentionally make our team worse in order to reap a benefit by having a worse record, which is where the word “tanking” came from (effectively intentionally making your team worse to get a reward for losing in the form of a better draft pick). We took steps to hopefully improve our team next year that will have the byproduct of likely making us somewhat worse this year. There’s a huge difference.


This is the lineman we should be talking about instead:


Spooky…I work in sales and just now came across a lead titled ‘Josh Jones.’ Haha Not kidding.

Must mean you’re right!


Even more spooky is that it’s out of West Virginia!


Run! Run fast, it’s a setup!

Don’t forget flooring contractor.


Simple question. Do the Coogs have a better chance to win games in 2019 with King at QB or Tune at QB?

Simple question. Does D’Eriq King have the right to redshirt this season? And if so, does he have the right to use his redshirt season to increase his chances of extending his football career?


Well the outrage mob is out in full force against coach Holgorsen. People with nothing to do with the program stay highly concerned with what we’re doing. “Don’t watch me, watch TV.”

Yes and yes. I also note that you didn’t answer my question, but that’s ok. Your response indicates that you know the answer that 80% of people will give.

First we had soccer girls crying, now CDH is withholding handshakes and eye contact. As Vince Lombardi said, “What the hell’s going on out here?”


One of two things is going on with Murphy and his tweets.

  1. He is largely telling the truth about what happened.
  2. He has crafted a story to fit a narrative that a lot of people around the country believe/suspect/wonder about. That narrative is that CDH got out of Morgantown one step ahead of the posse and took a job where he could sit back and cash checks based on his relationship with Fertitta. Whether there is even one molecule of truth in that narrative, nobody knows but CDH. That question will remain in play for a lot of people, perhaps fueled by the WVU crowd, until CDH has some success at UH. The Murphy tweets just provide more fuel for the people pushing this idea.

The Coogs response to the redshirts in Denton strongly suggests that CDH hasn’t lost the locker room or anything close to it. A few more performances like that and a lot of this stuff will die down. Even if he just flat made all of this stuff up it isn’t good for the program to have it put out there. Winning some games is the tonic to made it better.


PackTex - to me, it depends on our opponent and the individual game match-ups. So there is really no simple or correct answer - which leaves only opinions.

[SIMILAR NOTE: Would our Phi Slama Jama era teams have had a better chance of winning games if some of our players like Rob Williams, Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon had not left UH a year early? I think the same answer applies - which is that each individual student-athlete should have the right to exercise their full range of personal options within the framework of the NCAA regulations in order to pursue a possible professional athletic career.]

2018 King vs 2018 Tune slam dunk no question King. 2019 King vs 2019 Tune in this system I’m not convinced quite yet.


Most of you have no idea the ins & outs of Collegiate Athletics, especially D1. Don’t be so quick to criticize this young man. College Football Coaches will not blast Athletes in public or on social media, they are too savvy for that. and if they do, it’s in the heat of the moment. We all want our Head FB Coaches to ride in on the white horse and save the program, that’s not reality. These Coaches are human and have faults! We don’t want to hear the negative things for fear of making the program look bad. If a Coach mistreats an Athlete, he deserves to be called out. Respect & Trust from Athletes has to be earned and it starts in the recruiting process, so when a program has 4 Head Coaches in 5 years, and that Coach didn’t recruit you, there are going to be problems.


The outrage mob is what twitter is all about. Thankfully, it’s meaningless because people who usually occupy positions of influence live in a flesh and blood world. Most public relations folks love it when people leave all their chips on the internet. Makes their job soooooo much easier.

By flooding the world with his emotions the kid has opened himself up to scrutiny…all ten thousand characters of it.


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