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As you know, we continue to provide content with few ads and free content provided by our users. It is a business model that we’ve tried to keep going even among the premium University of Houston sites that continue to operate and spring up. Over the last three years, we’ve seen exponential growth as more and more members have seen that we try to keep a civil and free area where we can communicate with each other.

However, it does cost money to continue to operate the site. While we don’t want to implement a subscription type service, we don’t mind accepting tips or donations to help pay for the site. We’re hoping that by going this way that our members that want to help out can. It is completely up to you.

In any case, if you’d like to donate to the site, follow the link below. We appreciate anything that you can provide:

Tip Jar

Go Coogs!

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(Westhoff) #3

I donated $5, whats y’alls goal for the year?

(Patrick) #4

Thank you for the donation.

We’re hoping to pull in around $1000 to cover the costs of the website.

(JohnnyCougar) #5

I did my part, however nominal, and it’s the thought that counts, right? :smile:

(Patrick) #6

Thank you, Johnny. We appreciate whatever anyone can give.

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(Patrick) #10

Thank you, all of you. Does mean a lot to us.

We’re looking at ways to reward folks that donate as well. Talks are in the infancy stages, so no promises, but we’ll see what we can do.

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This is a better site than the others you pay for.
Thanks for your work on this site!!!

(Patrick) #13

Thank you for the kind words. We’ll continue to try to do what we can.

Go Coogs!


I really appreciate what you do for us Coog Fans. Put my $ 20.00 in tonight.

P.S. - The discussions on Coog Fans are often passionate and entertaining, but the information is the key. I learn things about my Coogs, I could never get elsewhere. I hope everyone feels as I do, and chips in the tip jar, for those who give so much.

(Westhoff) #15

You guys should post updates with the current total raised or something like that.

(Patrick) #16

Good idea!

So far we’e raised $1,177…09 which covers us for the year. Just an amazingly quick response and we appreciate it so much.

Again, we’re looking into ways to reward those that have donated. More to come on that.

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