Coogs are the top AAC program and 38th overall in CBSSports athletic program rankings

(Patrick) #1

Ranks football, ment’s basketball, and women’s basketball as their own entities with all other sports counting as “wildcards”


UH is the highest ranked G5 and finished ahead of 28 P5s. The AAC had 4 in the top 65.


Houston is the best G5 program and is better tgan half if the P5s. This rating system just confirms what we already knew.


We’ve always been a P5 program. Politics keep us in a G5 world.


Just wait until next year! FB, MBB, WBB, softball, swim/dive, T&F, and W golf should all be better. I don’t know about the other sports b/c I don’t follow them.

(Patrick) #6

Most sports should be better next year:

  • Soccer made great improvements last year and they have a nationally recognized coach. Goal is to make the conference tourney this year as they just missed last year.
  • Volleyball got better, but is still probably the worst program in the department. They do have a solid recruiting class coming in next year, and are looking to finish above .500.
  • Football should be better than 7-5
  • Men’s Basketball should be around the same as last year, if not better. Have to replace Gray/Davis, but they have talent and should be an NCAA tourney contender again.
  • Women’s Basketball made a huge leap last year, getting to 20 wins. Goal is to continue improving and get closer to the NCAA tourney.
  • Swimming and Diving is close to being a national powerhouse. Coaches have really elevated that program and they are returning just about everyone from that team and still bringing in solid athletes.
  • T&F is elite and should stay elite even with some key losses. Coaches continue to load up that program with some solid athletes. Women made huge strides this year in winning conference and are bringing in more talent now as well to a young team. Cross Country is still lacking, but Magness is building the program still.
  • Softball made the NCAAs and should make it again in Heebner’s senior season. Need some more offense this year and a 2nd pitcher to make that leap.
  • Tennis had a solid year, solid enough that their coach left to Arkansas. They just hired someone with a good track record and their best players are back. Need some solid recruits to fill out the roster.
  • Baseball made the NCAAs again and should be back there next year. Joe Davis will be back along with most of the offense and the pitching will find some stars to fill some big shoes that left.
  • Chadwell has W.Golf humming and there should be no drop off there. Harm is back for her senior season and there’s some talent coming in.
  • M. Golf should improve in what can be called a disappointing season. Still made the NCAAs, but they’ve seemed to stagnate a bit. They did lose their top player in Perras so we’ll have to see if others can step up.

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I am very proud of my University. No matter what obstacle (some of them were self made) we have overcome them and we are top quality across the board. There is no telling how high this could go.