Coogs as 4 seed

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Team rankings predicts us at a 4 seed in the NCAAs.


Is that now, or based on a guess as to how we will finish the conference tourney?


The obligatory…


A #4 seed is well up (or is it down) from a recent predicted #7 seed, but anything less than the AAC tournament finals could change our seeding in the opposite direction.


Gettin’ some more rep… #7 team in the Near Miss To Win It All list…(lol…alphabetized…at least we’re there!)

  1. Houston: The Cougars finished out the season winning three games in a row and enter the American tournament in Orlando this week with as much of a chance to win the event as Wichita State or Cincinnati.

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Because the system is corrupt, I believe the AAC seeds (barring tourney upsets) are already determined.

If we stumble in first game, we will be lucky to get a 7, but I thing WS and Cincy are probably OK.

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This site says they update every day and is based on computer models run thousands of times… So it is up to date but subject to change at any moment up to selection.

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If we win or make it to conference finals, I think we might sniff #4. But 4-7 is more likely. If we stink up the conference tourney for some reason (and I doubt that will happen), then we could fall further than 7.


I can’t see us falling farther than #7 even if we lose in the 1st round, there are not 28 teams above us even with a loss. Plus if we win the conference tourney I could see us shooting up higher than #4, that would mean two final wins vs top 15 teams and a conference championship, I think that warrants at least a #3, maybe a #2 if all the chips fall the right way. Just because the national media is selling the whole American short doesn’t mean the committee will

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I hope you are right, but you know how things work when you’re not one of the ESPN power conferences. At least the playing field is somewhat level with NCAA basketball. Emphasis on somewhat.


I’m familiar with the P5 bias feeling but it feels a little different in Basketball, ESPN seems to have not caught on to that, they have consistently had Florida and West Virginia as 4 and 5 seeds and just bumped us down to 7 (after a winning week at that). I saw one (I think it was CBS) that had us as a 7 and A$M as a 6, that’s just ridiculous, there’s no reasonable argument for that

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Sometimes the seeding doesn’t matter as much as the matchups. I’ve seen brackets that have UH as a 6 in the West playing in Detroit against Baylor/USC and then essentially a 2nd round road game at Michigan State. I’ve also seen UH pegged as the #7 in the same west bracket in Nashville playing St. Bonaventure with a possible 2nd round game against UNC.

In that scenario, being a 7 seed is actually better than being the 6th.

To be honest, Michigan State, Arizona, and Duke are the only teams that I would like to avoid early. I think their length and size would be a problem for the Coogs. All the other top seeds, I think UH would be able to score with them.


How high can UH go seed wise if they win the Conference Tourney ?! I can see a 4th seed being warrant. Why… Because we likely would had beaten Wichita St & Cincinnati. Two teams who clearly been top 15 caliber throughout the season, if not higher.

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I think a 3 seed is an outside possibility and probably our ceiling if we were to win the conference tourney and other teams lose early in theirs. However, I think there’s probably a less than 1% chance it happens.

I think we’ll end up somewhere between a 6-9 seed. Remember that the committee has regularly ranked AAC teams lower than expected.

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I agree that matchups are more important, especially this year with the parody, than what seed you are.


I think the only given at this point, regarding the NCAA tournament, is that we’re going to hear Imagine Dragons a bazillion times before the end of it.

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If we won the tournament and beat Wichita and Cincy in doing so. I think we could get a 3 seed. otherwise we are probably looking at a 5 because we should be a 4.

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4-5 seed if we win the tournament, 6-7 if we don’t. Again, the committee consistently underseeds AAC teams.