Coogs at Wichita State - Game 2 - Sat @ 2pm (W 7-3)

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Saturday : Houston LHP Clay Aguilar (2-3, 3.52) vs. WSU RHP Liam Eddy (3-3, 4.70)

(Patrick) #2

Coogs up to #50 in the RPI now.

(Butch) #3

Would love to see young Aguilar pitch well and gain a spot as Saturday starter…

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(Dan) #5

This one is espn3 as well according to the site.


Coogs are hitting this guy hard. Davis barely misses a homer. Hopefully they can keep it up

(Patrick) #7

Top 1st

Wild inning so far.

1 out double for Padgett. Davis just misses hitting another homer (stupid wind). Fuentes singles to center but Padgett slips going around .3rd and can’t score. Pitcher does us a solid though and throws a pickoff throw away which scores Padgett and moves Fuentes to 2nd…Coogs lead 1-0

Bielo flies out to end the inning.

M1…UH leads 1-0


I see Patrick is here today. I’ll go back to watching game on ESPN 3, smoking brisket and drinking beer :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #9

Top 2nd

Lockhart leads off with a walk. With 2 outs, Lovelace singles pushing Lockhart to 2nd. Double by Triolo scores Lockhart, Lovelace to 3rd…Coogs lead 2-0

Padgett Ks, but ball gets away. Lovelace is tagged out trying to score as the ball bounces off the backstop and comes straight back to the catcher.

M2…UH leads 2-0


That looked like a foul ball to me… thought he got a piece of it.

(Patrick) #11

Agreed, but he took off running right away. Wonder if that’s what the discussion with Whiting was about.

(Patrick) #12

Top 3rd

1 out single by Fuentes, followed by a 1 out single by Bielo. Fuentes goes to 3rd on a flyout to CF by Lockhart. Hyland then reaches on a 2 base error (LF drops a liner that he overruns) Scoring both runners…Coogs lead 4-0

Burckel grounds out to end the inning.

M3…UH leads 4-0

(Patrick) #13

Bottom 3rd

Aguilar has retired 9 in a row with 4Ks so far.

T4…UH leads 4-0


Middle 5th. Coogs get a baserunner on a HBP with two outs but nothing comes of it. still 4-0

(Patrick) #15

Bottom 5th

1 out walk, double, and a HBP loads the bases. Another HBP scores a run…Coogs lead 4-1

K for out 2. And Aguilar’s 7th K gets him out of further trouble.

T6…UH leads 4-1

(Dan) #16

That was quite a jam Aguilar got out of.

(Patrick) #17

Bottom 6th

After a stellar play by Triolo for the 1st out, Aguilar Hits the next batter, commits a balk, and then gives up a single to score a run…Coogs lead 4-2

That’ll be it for Aguilar. Roedahl on.

K for out 2. Line out to Fuentes ends the inning.

T7…UH leads 4-2


Top 8 still Coogs 4 Wichita state 2
3.5 Dos Equis downed
Brisket holding steady at 225 on a mix of Weimar grown oak and pecan.

(Patrick) #19

Top 8th

2 out double by Hyland and a single by Burckel score a run…Coogs lead 5-2

Burckel went to second on the throw, Lovelace then singles up the middle to score Burckel…Coogs lead 6-2

Triolo then lines one back at the pitcher to end the inning.

M8…UH leads 6-2

(Butch) #20

Sounds like Aguilar had a good outing and that is a good thing…now if our pen will just hold up!