Coogs beat Wichita State in OT

Final: UH 64, Wichita State 56. Coogs 10-10 overall, 3-3 in The American.

I watched the game and the ladies played hard and got the victory but I have to say there was just way too many mistakes. If coach every wants to be in the running for a conference championship the girls have to play better and maybe just better talent needed.

The problem with womans basketball is that there is not as large of a pool for top talent as with the men. It is the same 5 or 6 teams every year that destroy all the other teams. They load up on all the top talent and nobody else has a chance. I dont think there is such a large disparity in any other college sport like in women’s college basketball.

We will agree to disagree on that point. But, first, what does your point have to do with the issues at UH women’s basketball?

Next, the 24 girls selected as 2020 McDonald’s All-Americans chose to attend 17 different colleges.

The 20 of the 24 (4 remain undecided) boys selected as 2020 McDonald’s All-Americans chose to attend 14 different colleges.

Well there is something leading to a disparity in women’s basketball. Yes the men’s have their elite teams but with the women’s it has been the same 6 or so programs that have dominated year after year. Baylor, Tennessee, Uconn, and Notre Dame and a couple others are always way ahead of everyone else by far

Tennessee has been surpassed by South Carolina, Mississippi State, and Texas A&M in the SEC.

Tennessee hasn’t been elite for a while.

Oregon and Oregon State are nationally relevant now. Stanford is still elite.

The talent is spreading among many top teams.

UH is not getting top-level talent. Plus, the UH administration seems content with mediocrity (at best) and dwindling / disappearing attendance.

Once UConn leaves the conference, the AAC, more years than not, will be a one-bid league for the NCAA Women’s Tournament.