Coogs Conf record for 2020

Ok thought I would do little exercise we can look back on after the season and see how we all did.
Simply predict conf recd n what place they will finish during regular season. Good luck!

Jess-- 14–4 . Finish tied for 2nd w WSU.

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I will do 14-4 as well. 3rd place behind Memphis and Wichita who will have 3 losses a piece.

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15-3. Conference Champs (regular season).

Undefeated @ Home.

Road wins against Tulsa, USF, Temple, UCONN, SMU, and ECU.

Losses on the road to Cincy, Memphis, and WSU.


14-4 seems to be the trend right now, that’s where I am. 3rd place


I’m going 14-4 due to the end of season stretch @ Memphis, Cincy, @UConn, Memphis. I think a 2nd place finish is about right.

One thing is for sure you have to win your home games in the league this year to compete.

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OK, I’ll say 15-3 and second place!

This team keeps improving under Sampson’s guidance, and is still far from its peak!

I also predict a Conference Tourney title, and one or more wins in the tourney!



They squeak out a home win against ECU.

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I knew there would be one! :grin:. But to show you let someone else do your homework assignment the Coogs don’t play ECU at home. :thinking:. Zero credits for you!!


My bad.



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16-2 1 loss to Memphis and a loss to WS

Split series with WSU, Memphis, and Cincy along with one random loss along the way.

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My thoughts were the same with road loss @Smooo making the 4th loss.

I like how grounded the basketball thread is compared to the football one. Reading undefeated season having not played a game feels like a jinx every year. That being said 14 and 4 feels adequate.


I will edit mine to 17-4! We will take the conference tourney in Fort Worth! I feel like this team is built for multiple games in a row.


Not so sure that 14-4 might not be first place.


12-6 as bad officiating costs us several games.

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13-5, 8 seed in the big dance

Ben I’m with you on this. Last season the only reason i ever wasted time on the AAC board was after the @Temple loss looking to see if others had Legitimate officiating complaints. Everyone seemed to hate that guy. Can’t remember his name. But he loves to insert himself into games if there’s a crowd, apparently.