Coogs defeat Memphis 75-65 to AAC play

Dymond Gladney said the difference down the stretch was “Just to put it all on the line. You can’t save yourself. Your team needs you. You just gotta push through and come out with the win.”


Beating Memphis in anything is rewarding! Go Coogs!!


Yep good to win one…we more than paid for it at UConn lol

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Seriously I hate it that there is zero interest in Lady Coog basketball, and unfortunately I am one of those who has no interest at this time. However I want UH to excel in everything, including women’s sports.
I have said this before, if this were men’s sports we would have had a new coach by now. Hughey seems to be a great guy, but gosh how long is he going to get to have a decent team that can at least play UConn within 40? Or at least be competitive against good competition…
I look at Baylor and what they have done in women’s sports and wonder why UH can’t be on that level…with all the athletes in the Houston area, you would think some of the better ones would love to come to UH…
So, someone please explain to me what the problem is?

I’ve covered UH women’s hoops (and Houston area women’s basketball teams for a while). Very few people (fans, administrators, media) care about women’s college basketball in Houston.

If they somehow could put together a winning package there is no doubt fans would come out. But come on, noone wants to see this kind of stuff. UH is obviously in a big city and obviously has always had fickle fans…win and win big and they will come…see softball a few years back hosting the regionals…

The average home attendance for the 2003-'04 team – which reached the second round of the NCAA Tournament – was 1670. Team was 28-4.

The average home attendance for the 2010-'11 team – the last UH squad to reach the NCAA Tourney – was 712. Team was 27-6.

I’m a UH alum.

But, lack of support and interest is not just a UH women’s basketball problem. Rice women’s basketball doesn’t draw a lot of fans. Neither does TSU nor HBU.

When it comes to the city of Houston and women’s basketball, more people supported the Houston Comets than the women’s college teams. The local colleges and the Comets did an awful job cross-promoting each other.

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Not even going to ask about recent attendance…bet you could count the fans in the stands pretty quickly and that is sad…not sure any coach could build this program up…

BTW, thank you for the work you do covering UH…

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