Coogs did to Tulsa what WSU did to Coogs

(G.W.) #1

Wow! Coogs, and I mean ALL Coogs ca,e out on FIRE!
And we made 18 three-pointers for the game. Tulsa was hitting early as well. It was 16-16 after 5 minutes. But Coogs just kept on hitting.

It was just like the Wichita State game except it was us hitting every three. We hit almost 70% of threes going nag into the last 5 minutes. All that Tulsa could do was lose. Sometimes that is the way it goes.

Glad to see the Coogs play well. Would love to see it versus WSU or Cincinnati .

(PMM) #2

Therefore Tulsa should avoid playing WS !


Their excellent center would probably be a forward on a better team. WS will collapse around him
and shut him down. Tulsa is terrible.

(Patrick) #4

Unfortunately for Tulsa, they get Wichita State today.

(Ben) #5

Tulsa did not have their “head in the game”. They were looking forward to WS and just plain over looked UH. We were really good, partially because they were not paying attention. I have seen UH do this many times in both BB and FB . . . . . Sorry to state the obvious . . . . .

(Patrick) #6

Tulsa battled Wichita State hard today, but ended up falling 72-69 on their own floor.

(PMM) #7

We have now identified the real sunshine pumper :sunglasses: