Coogs dominance of FSU in Peach Bowl

In the opening drive, Dalvin Cook looks amazing and the Noles lead 7-0. How did we bottle up Cook so well? And then we moved very effectively on their vaunted defense.

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Bowls are so hard to read because so much happens between the end of the season and the bowl game. There’s also a ton of time to add wrinkles to the offense and defense that don’t show up on film while also plenty more time to study your opponent.

One thing that our previous coaching staff did well is prepare when given time, especially when we were the underdog, as well as add trick plays. Even the Navy option was stuffed last year as we heard time after time how they practiced for the option throughout the year (didn’t hear it this year…and we lost :unamused:).

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We had a much better secondary last year which allowed us to do more with our linebackers and defensive lineman. Also, we had Ayers and a different Greg Ward. Greg Ward seemed not to scramble to run as much this season compared to last. This season he would scramble looking to pass. Then again our O-Line last season was able to sustain blocks.

Makes you wonder how focused were many of the coaches on our coaching staff for the duration of the season. Still can’t believe we got stomped by SMU.

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I think at least one was distracted for a lot of the season.

Plus the other coaches who knew they were going with him as well. But yes, the main guy really hampered the team with constant distractions.

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I will say this in defense of Michigan, they did lose Hanril Peppers in warm ups to an injury. Doesn’t help losing your best playmaker like that. Kind of like us losing E-Rob vs UCONN early last year.

Valid point…*Jabrill.

Got to love autocorrect

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The answer is we had a really good team last year.

The coaching search impacted this year’s team. OU and Louisville were quality wins with us playing physical football.

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Wow, Michigan has taken the lead with 1:57 left, 30-27. FSU has collapsed.

FSU TD with 36 seconds - 33-30. XP Point blocked and ran back by Michigan - 33-32.

Crazy 4th quarter.

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FSU gets the pick with 18 seconds left and will win 33-32.

Look at what happens when you play defense vs Louisville.

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Yea, LSU is not doing anything fancy just straight at them. I have noticed that CBP is a little proud of his plays. Is he considering mixing things up? Or is it that LJ is the holding it.

So this Lamar Jackson Heisman thing…:confused:


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