Coogs Get 3rd Seed in AAC Conference Tourney


Houston wins tie-breaker over Wichita State to win 2nd seed at AAC Tourney!


That’s not what the conference website says.

(Alfred Matthews) #3

No we don’t. We got the 3rd seed

(Jimmy Morris) #4

The first tie-breaker is record against Cincy which we both split, the next which is Tulsa. Both teams beat Tulsa. Then Memphis, we lost to them, Wichita State beat them.

Now on the bright side, the regular season standings don’t have tie-breakers so we do finish tied for 2nd officially. Our highest finish since 95-96.

(Alfred Matthews) #5

(Marcus) #6

Can someone edit the post title?

(Russel ) #7

Damn…UCF is a dangerous matchup. But we are better so hopefully our boys go out there and do their thing!

(Patrick) #8



My concern too. Only upside to playing UCF at home, essentially, is that they will have played the day before. Maybe ECU will have a heroic game and push UCF to the wire so they’re tired. Or maybe ECU wins! Hey, it could happen.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

We beat them once on their home court, the tournament is close to home for them but not their home court and we will have a top 7 seed whether we win the game or not so no need to be worried about it.

(Patrick) #11

Very true…no real pressure on the Coogs in this one.

Good thing about UCF is that it’s highly unlikely that they get hot shooting and score a lot of points. So far, the Coogs are 24-0 when their opponent scores less than 80 and 0-6 when they score more. UCF has only scored more than 80 twice this year, and both came before Fall was injured.


Was relying upon CBS Sports broadcast after game saying we had the tie breaker over Wichita State. Looks like they were wrong, as was I for repeating it. Sorry.

(Dan) #13

I think we can beat UCF by double digits beating ECU will do nothing to prep them for us and they played over their heads that Saturday where we basically took their best shot on the road and still won.

(Randy Randel) #14

After watching USF embarrass Memphis on their home court, ECU might be the only other team I’d rather play than UCF. They really struggle offensively, especially if you can limit Taylor’s penetration


Don’ worry, CBS is often wrong.

(PMM) #16

About all sorts of things !!


No one thought we would lose to UCONN in last year’s tournament but we did. After listening to CKS post game interview yesterday, and his thoughts on the conference tournaments in general, I worry that the team may not be stoked to win because the focus will be, if only subconsciously, on the NCAA.

(Jimmy Morris) #18

I think you misunderstood. I think we can lose, I’m just not worried about losing because we will still have a top 7 seed even if we do.


My one and only hope for the conference tourney is that we escape healthy and whole (minus Van Beck) for the big tourney. Whether we lose our first game or win the whole thing, I don’t really care. Health (to me) is more important than trying to bump our tourney seed one place.

Also, not sure how I missed this, but how did Van Beck break his hand? Sucks that we won’t have him for the tourney.

(Patrick) #20

Think it happened a couple weeks ago in practice.