Coogs get 6 votes in Preseason AP Poll

(Patrick) #1

UCF ranked 21st…Boise State 22nd, FAU 38 votes, Memphis 3 votes, Troy 2 votes, Arkansas State 1 vote, Fresno State 1 vote

(Timothy Q. Chan) #2

Arizona at #31 with 28 votes.


LOL…I wonder what I said that made @ap_top25 block me?

(zx504) #4

Univ in austin (finished last year barely above 500 and still have same QB issues this year) in at #23…that’s like 10 years in a row a top25 pre-season…continued proof the voters just look at names and how they HOPE/WISH things would be
10 years of mediocrity and they still get the benefit of the doubt

ESPN’s comments on Texas in the Top25:
Since playing for the 2009 national championship, Texas is only five games above .500. That’s nowhere close to good enough for one of college football’s all-time top programs. Second-year coach Tom Herman doesn’t have to immediately turn Texas into a playoff team. But he needs to demonstrate progress after a 6-6 debut regular season. That means eight or nine wins. Anything less would keep Texas mired in the waters of mediocrity. – Trotter”


So, their comments are they don’t deserve to be in the Top 25, but we have bigger expectations for that program? Must be nice to not have to actually earn respect.

(Bryant Hargrave) #6

That is cutting edge analysis right there… Anything less than 8 or 9 wins is mediocrity. Well duh, he could also say if you fall to win half your games it’s a bad season.

That’s a joke right there.

(James Duncan) #7

They’ve only had what like three really solid seasons in the last 40+ years. And they were all bunched together - 2004, 2005, 2009


How is UH ranked 20th in one poll(SI) and barely getting votes in another? Does this happen often?

(Timothy Q. Chan) #9

Keep this in mind:

  • In their preseason poll, AP voters have correctly picked the No.1 team exactly once in the last 13 years.
  • On the other hand, SI correctly picked the 2017 World Series Champion…three years before it happened.

I’m going with SI on this one.

(Jeff Berger) #10

I’m just guessing here, but I imagine the SI poll is just their staff writers. Get a half dozen guys in a room, start throwing out names, and settle on a Top 25. That’s a lot different than writers from all over the country (AP) who never speak to each other and each just write down names on a form. Hence the difference.

Remember when SI picked us to win the national championship? it was 1991. i hope this year is better than that year. I think it will be.

(zx504) #12

and in 16 of last 17 years (I think I heard that correctly on ESPNU radio yesterday) at least 1 of the top 10 were not even ranked at the end of the year.
polls before week four are for entertainment purposes only, they, along with black licorice should be outlawed

(David) #13

Easy now… #BlackLicoriceIsGood


The Coogs still have much to prove and we get to start against Rice and Arizona and TT. Should we make a run like UCF did, then we can complain the following year. We don’t get the benefit of the doubt like the more prominent P5 schools, so we need to keep punching up from the bottom. Nothing has changed.


No AP voters in Houston this year and many of them are based in communities with P5 campuses. So the P5 bias is going to be there if nothing else because that’s what they cover and know.


Also, we really can’t complain this year unless:
A. We go 13-0
B. Texas Tech or Arizona win their conference
C. The AAC team we beat in the Championship is highly ranked

It’s just the nature of the beast. Fair, nope.


If it’s not black, it’s not licorice.

(WRB) #18

Black licorice rules!

(norb) #19

Why the obsession with UT?


Did someone say Ouzo?

(David) #21