Coogs in the Community 2017-18

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Coogs in the Community
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Assistant Soccer Coach:

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What happened to Nelly Gonzales? She came here from TCU, and she was gone several months later as far as I know.

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Good question. Seemed to be a parting of ways at the end of summer training camp with now word on why from either side.

She’s apparently no longer in sports as she’s working for a firm called PJS in Houston according to her LinkedIn.

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What, no UT or ATM players supporting our community ?

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Awesome post Patrick. These children will remember this for the rest of their lives. Truly awesome.

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I love seeing this kind of outreach. It’s a great experience for young, healthy, extremely gifted and athletic young folks see how a person can have a positive impact on the community. Especially for the little kids and the angels in the children’s hospital.

There’s something a lot greater and more important than the passionate game we all love . . . Life. The game teaches young folks how to work to achieve a goal, learn how to deal with failure and how to adapt to avoid it again. Life. That’s the real game these men are learning.

Good job guys.