Coogs In the NFL - Preseason Week 2, 2019

20 guys! Wow, more to come next season!

Come to the University of Houston to get your chance at the next level!

How many guys in the CFL?


Is that the most ever in NFL at same time? Maybe an older fan would know?

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Don’t want to be a downer, but this is still pre-season. Let’s see who is still there on opening day.



  • Markeith Ambles (Calgary) - 8 games, 34 receptions, 403 yards
  • Richie Leone (Ottawa) - 50.3 average on 55 punts
  • SirVincent Rodgers (Edmonton) - injured all season, but usually one of the best OL in the league
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So 23 guys playing at the next level not counting Japan. (who knew?)


Lee Hightower and Damien Parris are playing in the top league in Japan

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Ed Oliver getting double-teamed and knocking down a Kyle Allen pass


Hands under the neck. Been killing o lineman since high school.


After the bull riding from UH on CBS.
Nice crowd. Place looked great on TV.

4pm EST.
Saints v Chargers.


San Fran v Denver tonight @ 7 CTL.


Opponents are going to learn quickly that Oliver’s competitive nature doesn’t come out as much with what he says. It’s more about what he tries to say with his play.

“I ain’t into that talking a lot. I’m not a big talker,” Oliver said. “Unless it’s one of my teammates. I talk trash to my teammates all the time. But for opponents and stuff like that I ain’t never had to say too much.”

McDermott’s OK with any approach Oliver wants to take as long as he’s being true to who his is and his personality.

“I think he is just out here to get his job done,” McDermott said. “I think he loves to compete.”


Didn’t look like he needed one to me. I hope he blasts Cam Newton’s guts.

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Bengals: William Jackson III (DB) and Brandon Wilson (DB)
(W 23-13 over Redskins)

  • Wilson had 1 tackle in the game
  • Jackson played 10 snaps on defense and 2 on special teams, but did not record a stat

Bills: Ed Oliver (DL)
(W 27-14 over Panthers)

  • Ed started and recorded a pass deflection

Broncos: Steven Dunbar Jr (WR)
(L 24-15 to 49ers)

  • Dunbar was targeted once, but did not make a reception

Cardinals: Cameron Malveaux (DL)
(L 33-26 to Raiders)

  • Cam Malveaux was in on 15 defensive snaps at OLB, but didn’t record a stat.

Chargers: Emeke Egbule (LB)
(W 19-17 over Chargers)

  • Egbule played in 21 snaps but did not record a stat

Chiefs: D’Juan Hines (LB)
(L 17-7 to Steelers)

  • Played in 5 special teams snaps, but did not record a stat

Colts: Matthew Adams (LB)
(L 21-18 to Browns)

  • Matt Adams was held out of the game

Dolphins: Joey Mbu (DL), Kenneth Farrow (RB), and Chad O’Shea (Offensive Coordinator)
(L 16-14 to Buccaneers)

  • Farrow rushed 3 times for 41 yards and caught 1 pass for 1 yard.
  • Joey Mbu made 1 tackle
  • O’Shea’s offense had 280 yards on 66 snaps with 1 interception. They also allowed 5 sacks and were 1-3 in the red zone.

Eagles: Greg Ward Jr (WR)
(W 24-10 over Jaguars)

  • Ward caught 2 passes on 2 targets for 42 yards and a TD. He also threw one pass which went incomplete

Jaguars: DJ Hayden (DB)
(L 24-10 to Eagles)

  • Hayden, along with a number of Jaguar starters, were held out of the 2nd preseason game.

NY Giants: Thomas McGaughey (Special Teams Coach)
(W 32-13 over Bears)

  • Giants kicker was 1/1 from 47 and made all 3 XPs. Punter averaged 40.3 yards on 3 punts with 1 inside the 20 and a long of 51. The returners averaged 30.7 yards on 3 kick returns and 11.5 yards on 4 returns.

Panthers: Kyle Allen (QB)
(L 27-14 to Bills)

  • Kyle started and went 4/11 for 32 yards while rushing twice for 14 yards

Patriots: Elandon Roberts (LB) and Nick Thurman (DL)
(W 22-17 over Titans)

  • Thurman played 13 snaps on defense but did not record a stat
  • Roberts was inactive

Raiders: Isaiah Johnson (DB)
(W 33-26 over Cadinals)

  • Isaiah was still suffering from the concussion he suffered the previous week and did not play.

Rams: Romello Brooker (TE) and Wade Phillips (Defensive Coordinator)
(L 14-10 to Cowboys)

  • Brooker played 14 snaps on offense and 10 on special teams, but didn’t record a stat.
  • The Rams defense held the Cowboys to 251 yards, registered 3 sacks, and forced 2 turnovers.

Ravens: Tyus Bowser (LB)
(W 26-13 over Packers)

  • Bowser made a tackle in the game.

Redskins: Case Keenum (QB)
(L 23-13 to Bengals)

  • Case started and was 3/7 for 52 yards

Saints: Terrell Williams (DB)
(W 19-17 over Chargers)

  • Williams played in 18 snaps but did not record a stat
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Holgerson stole Sims from us right?

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Sims got cut by Tampa last preseason and hasn’t caught on anywhere else.

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Sims was gone and we wouldn’t let him play in Texas so he ended up with DH


Thanks, I’m getting crusty with all these prima donnas. Browns helmet, Cases LT , Herman lying, Sumlin, Applewhite, coach no D, Kapernick…