Coogs in the Pros 2019

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Ed is already so polished in front of the media.

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Ralph Harvey Jr. signed with the San Diego Strikeforce in the Indoor Football League.

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Nick Thurman gets a Training Camp invite to the Patriots. He was let go by Tampa Bay on 29 Apr.

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Larry Csonka

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“It’s just a particular play,” Jackson says. “From a mental standpoint, everything (last year) was different. Different scheme. Different this. And playing things differently. It was a learning curve for me. In the back end of the season, that’s when I kind of picked it up and started getting back to myself … I won’t allow myself (to have a learning curve).”

With Jackson facing his third different defense in his fourth season, cornerbacks coach Daronte Jones says that approach to another new scheme shows Jackson’s growth adjusting to the invisible intangibles of the game.

“It’s not like he’s a fourth-year player that has been in same system that you can see flourishing,” Jones says. “He’s been going at it. He’s been serious about his work. There’s a lot of learning … (Realizing it) that’s where maturity comes from. He’s definitely grown in that way.”

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Garrett Davis trying out with the Texans today

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Calgary Stampeders news

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Japan has a pro football league? Who knew?

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Even stranger is that it’s been around since 1971

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That means Ambles is likely going to be one of three American receivers in the Stamps’ starting lineup in Week 1 alongside Eric Rogers and Reggie Begelton.

The Calgary coaching staff has been moving the 27-year-old around and having him play different positions in the early days of training camp, so it’s not entirely clear where he’ll be lining up when the regular season gets underway.

One thing that is obvious, though, is that Ambles has a big role to play.

“I definitely think (last year) helped me a lot,” Ambles said. “Talking to coach, they’ve got big plans for me this year, so I’m excited to see how it goes.

“I might be playing one position in training camp and pre-season, and then it depends on how the roster ends up at the end of training camp. I’ll be ready to play wherever.”

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