Coogs offer '19 big-man Dimon Carrigan from Boston, MA

(Patrick) #1

We’re still putting out offers for guys to come in this year. Kid has offers from Towson and Southern Connecticut. Have no idea how’d we fit him into the roster unless Sangoyomi isn’t able to come back.


Sangoyomi is here for sure. Two players will need to redshirt most likely.


Someone would have to leave to make room for Dimon Carrigan - since a redshirt still counts toward the scholarship limit.


This is why I think the UMass duo don’t end up here unless CKS finds a way for them to sit out for a year, then get them on scholarship next year. That PG/SG is a stud tho, and the big man is a solid rotation player. Both hail from New Orleans home of UH new assistant, Quannas White.


As far as Dimon Carrigan goes, I think CKS is just doing his due diligence; in case someone decides to go.


Wiggles has brought up a good point though. Why do transfers who aren’t eligible to play, have to count against the scholarship limit that year they’re ineligible to play ?! With only 13 ships to give out, it doesn’t make sense.

As far as the women’s side of things, they get 15 ships every year.


I think if the player from another school transfers, he can use a grant-in-aid award so it won’t count for that one year he is sitting out. Something similar to Nura Zunna.

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(Patrick) #9


Dimon, will visit UH on September 23, on his official visit.

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He has cancelled his official visit this weekend to UConn, but will still visit UH on the 23rd of this month via his HS coach. He suppose to bring shoes & shirts donated by his HS for the Hurricane Harvey victims.

(Ricardo Montano) #13

Looks like Dimon could still be in play! (This is from his instagram) He answered he’d commit in May.

(Patrick) #14

I think that may be for the following year though. Saw this a few weeks ago:

(Ricardo Montano) #15

Well… that’s a bit misleading then :pensive: But why would he commit somewhere only to play an entire season at Juco?

(Patrick) #16

Possible things may have changed and he’s deciding for this year…the tweet I reference is from the end of March.

He may also just want to commit early and get that out of the way.

(Ricardo Montano) #17

You were right! I messaged him on instagram and he responded he was to play at Juco and then D1. Seems like a nice enough dude to respond to a total stranger lol.

(Matt Jackson) #18

I have no idea what kind of competition Bunker Hill Community College plays, but this guy’s stats are ridiculous. 19 points, 17 rebounds, and 7 blocked shots a game. Damn!


he is committing as a 2019 recruit next Wednesday

we are likely one of the favorites


I hope his average is up to 16 blocked shots a game by then. We could use that type of production. :grinning: