Coogs offer C/O '18 G Devonte Bandoo from Hutchinson CC

(Patrick) #1

Bandoo is originally from Toronto, ON and has offers from West Virginia, Oklahoma, Buffalo and New Mexico. He averaged 16.6 PPG, 2.9 APG, 5.8 RPG, and 1 SPG. He also made 64 3’s on the year and shot 43.8% from beyond the arc

(Russel ) #2

Looks like another Corey Davis!

(Nick K) #3

what’s his FT %?

(Patrick) #4



Wow…we’re truly becoming a guard factory.

(Ricardo Montano) #6

You’d think with the open spot they’d be offering bigs rather than trying to add to an already crowded back court :thinking:

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Samp has a great eye for guards but a JUCO with current #s & class years seems like overkill.
A high school senior with same offers is a different situation.

With Oklahoma’s guards losses to transfer & early entry they seem like a better fit than UH.


was hoping to us our free scholly on a touted transfer or a grad transfer big…im not sure we need anymore guards for next year, especially 1 with 2 years eligibility with a similar skill set to numerous other guards we have

but what do i know come on down Devonte Bandoo…bring all the shooters!!!

(VancouverCOOG) #9

We need to look beyond next year with Galen and C. Davis both being seniors.


bandoo is a juco, he will only have 1 year after galen and davis leave. this move seems to be fueled for next season
…kam mcgusty made sense, he would have sat out next year and had 2 years after that…

also noting that we are adding 3 combo guard freshmen, brooks still has 2 years, the need long term for a 2 year shooter isnt there…while on the other hand sampson says we are at a disadvantage against taller teams, and we just lost our biggest muscle and best rebounder…
if we want to make a run next year we have to hope we dont run into any teams with dominant bigs

im happy with next years roster as is, but if we are adding pieces , a tall big was a bigger need

(Patrick) #11

JD mentioned the other day that another scholarship will be opening up soon.


We’ll have two scholarships to give for next season, so everyone settle down.

(Randy Randel) #13

Thanks for the sanity! People questioning Kelvin at this point is ridiculous. Hard to make a fool-proof judgement on a limited clip but he appears to be better at creating his shot and better handling the ball than Corey. Whether he’s 6’3" or not, he’s got 3" on Corey. I love his rebounding numbers, which are critical for our guards

If Duarte is tweeting look for another open ship, we are adding 2

(Randy Randel) #14

One other point. Unless I’m mistaken, no school
has won more games in the last 5 years, including a national championship, than Villanova, and they utilize a great deal of a 4-guard offense.

Guards win championships today


Lol… it took me a minute to figure out which one was him in film as I was looking for 6’3” guy.


Hutchinson CC (his juco) puts their full games on youtube . i just speed watched one of then (changed playback speed)… corey would dribble laps around him, his handles is not anywhere in the same realm as coreys…corey is a great ball handler, he just isnt good at finishing at the rim

his game is like dotson lite, shorter skinnier version of dotson…mostly around the 3…not physically but will crash the boards…great shooter…handles are decent not great (similar to dotson), 3 times in the game i watched someone was playing tight d on him, instead of trying to create more space, just tried to quickly shoot over them

(Randy Randel) #17

I need to clarify part of my previous post. I meant to say that he looked to better than Armoni, not Corey, at creating his shot.


thats a valid point lol


It’s all about shooting!!! That’s what made this year’s squad, niceee

(Ryon Adams) #20

Sounds like a good prospect. It’d be good to get him, but we still need a big man.